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Replaces the dull looking blade of the base game's wakizashi, with realistic folded steel hamon pattern.

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Japanese Steel - Real Katana

Replaces the dull looking blade of the base game's wakizashi with realistic folded steel pattern.

The traditional Japanese katana are made with a combination of high and low carbon steel, this allows for a more durable sword capable of absorbing impact, while also having a sharper cutting edge. The Japanese term hamon (刃文) translates to blade pattern. A blacksmith hardens the steel by folding, which along with the carbon concentration of the steel, creates the unique wavy line called the hamon.


Extract the zip and copy the contents of the Data folder into Documents\MyGames\Starfield\Data

Steam Setup
Make sure you have StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield with the following lines:


Gamepass Setup
In the Starfield.ini found in C:\XboxGames\Starfield\Content put the following lines under [Archive] :


Note from the Author

Thank you for trying this mod. Please let me know if you enjoy or have feedback/ suggestions on how I could improve the mod.

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