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Configurable to make resources, aid/chems, food, misc items, and notes/books either weightless, or half of their weight.

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This mod is experimental and stability has not been proven.
Use at your own risk.
Create a save before enabling, and know that anything can happen and you may have to go back to your old save.

Finally take less trips to and from your ship, and have more time to just enjoy the game.

This mod's primary purpose was to eliminate the weight of Manufactured Resources because I find them absurdly heavy, especially relative to their value despite their necessity, and find myself having to make a lot of trips home or to my ship to store them.

However, because I know people would ask for it, I also made a version where all Resources are weightless.


Rewritten to no longer need to do anything with strings files, and no longer has an associated .ba2.
This new version also makes these items still have weight on your ship/outpost, just not on your person, which should fix any issues that cargo links/resource generators, etc. might have and makes it slightly more balanced IMO.

This new version is now perks for each option, which you can set yourself and decide how you want to play.

0.1 version still available in the "Old Files" tab, but I will no longer support it or any issues that come from it.

How to give yourself these perks:
You'll be opening the console and using "player.addperk (Perk ID)" to give yourself the weight perks that you want. You'll only need to do this once.
For example: player.addperk 0X000801 would give you the Weightless Resources (All) perk.

The X in these ID's will change with your load order.
To find the perk ID's easier, type help "Weightless" or help "Half Weight" in the console.

Weightless Resources (All) - 0X000801
Weightless Resources (All Except Manufactured) - 0X000802
Weightless Resources (Manufactured Only) - 0X000803
Weightless Aid - 0X000804
Weightless Food - 0X000805
Weightless Misc - 0X000806
Weightless Notes - 0X000807

Half Weight Resources (All) - 0X000808
Half Weight Resources (All Except Manufactured) - 0X000809
Half Weight Resources (Manufactured Only) - 0X00080A
Half Weight Aid - 0X00080B
Half Weight Food - 0X00080C
Half Weight Misc - 0X00080D
Half Weight Notes
- 0X00080E

Installation Instructions:

Drop "Weightless.esp" into Starfield's Data Directory
Add the line sTestFile1=Weightless.esp into your StarfieldCustom.ini under [General]

Note: If you have multiple .esp mods, you can change the number after
sTestFile to anything 1-10 (sTestFile3=Weightless.esp for instance).

If items having weight on your ship/outpost bothers you, I highly recommend using one of these mods alongside this one instead of using the old version:

Infinite Ship Storage
Ship Storage Multiplied

Player Placed Infinite Storage

You will need an achievement enabler (as you'll see because the game tells you).

I use this one and have verified that achievements work: Baka Achievement Enabler