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A mod that adds a few spooky decorations using Alternative Textures, just in time (almost) for Halloween!

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This mod adds a few cute ghosts and some wall decorations using PeacefulEnd's framework, Alternative Textures

Placing the objects/paintings will randomly pick one of the textures, however, if you'd like to set a specific texture/color, you'd need to buy the Paint Bucket Tool (added by AT) at Robin's shop. To use the paint bucket, click on the object while equipping the bucket and pick the texture of your choice. For more information on this tool, check PeacefulEnd's wiki on it here


1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
2. Install the latest version of Alternative Textures
3. Install the mod (manual download is recommended over vortex/mod managers)
4. Unzip the file, place the folder in your Mods folder
5. Launch your game and enjoy!  


- The objects that get replaced with the halloween decorations are: 
For the ghosts: 
- Large Futan Bear

For the wall deco: 
- Highway 89
- Pathways
- Primal Motion
- Strawberry Decal
- Vanilla Villa
- VGA Paradise

(All of these items can be acquired from the furniture catalog or the CJB Item Spawner)

Mods used in the screenshots:
- CopperSun's AT Jack-O-Lanterns
- Brea83's Brianalana's Trees
- Daisyniko's Earthy Recolor
- DustBeauty's Rustic Country Walls and Floors