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A relatively simple tree retexture using Content Patcher. Includes two giant mushrooms, and a purple pine tree. Can be configured to replace the basic trees in a few ways. Does not alter any items or drops.

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Hi folks, this is my first mod! I hope you like what you see and have a nice day. :) 


How to use
If you're happy with the defaults, don't worry about the config file. However if you want to change which trees are replaced you'll want to edit the config file. The easiest way is to use Generic Mod Config Menu, but you can also edit the config file directly with any basic text editor.

The game will generate the config.json file the first time you run Stardew with the mod installed. I've included images in the folder "examples" that have the names you need to use in the config file to get the trees replaced the way you want them.

For example if you want your game to have all the trees look like mushrooms except the pine tree you could change the config.json file to read:
  "maple": "flat_mushroom",
  "mushroom": "false",
  "oak": "inkcap",
  "pine": "false"


  "maple": "flat_mushroom",
  "mushroom": "false",
  "oak": "inkcap",
  "pine": "firepine"

depending on whether you wanted to use the vanilla pines or my purple pines... >_> which I pictured as burning with mystical blue fire, but I haven't figured out how to make them light up just yet.

  • I have been testing it on single player on windows 10
  • It should work with Stardew Valley 1.5 beta on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • It should work in single player and multiplayer. However the changes will only be visible to the players who have the mod installed.
  • I don't run with many mods on my end, so if you encounter a problem please let me know in the comments and we'll se what we can do to get things working. :)

About the screenshots

the plaster house is not finished yet and so is unavailable. Yep it's based on buildings in Morrowind, honestly the desire to have more giant mushroom trees comes from the same brain space that wants a Morrowind house. Otherwise the notable mods I'm using for that file are: