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Last updated at 14:30, 22 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 16:35, 11 Mar 2017

 Quarries included in these farms actually work as they should as of the new update, but only with Custom Farm Types installation.

Ace's Expanded Farms

Brand new, fully functional farms. The new farms come with anything from mining
areas and extra farming space to new ponds and waterfalls. There’s something
for every taste. Plus, after a trip to the pet store, your pets now have a more
comfortable living area.

You can choose between maps I have done alone (Expanded) or maps I have
done for and/or with others (Alternates).

Choose the farms you want and install your way. Add the maps alongside
the defaults and others with Custom Farm Types, use Xnb Loader to load
them without overwriting any files, or simply overwrite your default files.

The choice is yours.

Entoarox Framework
Xnb Loader

Custom Farm Types

1. Download map files, either Expanded, Alternates, or Custom Farm Types.
       2. Choose between the overwrite or XNBLoader installation, and open its folder. 
3. Drag contents into Stardew Valley folder (where "Stardew Valley.exe" is). 
4. If using a recolor compatibility, download .zip and use steps 2-3 to install. 

If you wish to play on an old save with these maps, look here for more information.

All user requested maps are in the "Alternates" download.
7-zip, like winzip allow for packaging files. It's free, allows compressed files
to be smaller. If you MUST have .zip files rather than .7z, contact me.

-Be sure to keep a back up of your save games. Always make back ups.
- For Robin to build on new farm areas, you must scroll to it. See video below.
- The seasonal outdoorstilesheet files must be edited for the pet areas to appear properly.
Vanilla edits are included in the base files, and there are compatibility patches for Better Dirt,
Less Saturated ValleyStarGrimeJust a new map recolour, and Medieval Map Recolour.
- If you would like to have a .png of my pet bed, bowls, and house go here. You are free to
use them for personal use or mods, but please credit me and/or give a link back here.

- If using  Extended Minecart by Entoarox, be sure to use the following settings in its config.json:
  "FarmDestinationEnabled": false,
  "UseCustomFarmDestination": true,
  "CustomFarmDestinationPoint": "79, 14"

Edit History:
  • Oct 21 2017: Another map has been added and a compatibility patch for this version of 00Strange00's A Less Yellow Stardew has been added.
  • Oct 19 2017: Every farm type has been updated and a few new alternate farms have been added. All recolors have been updated. Removed .zip files. All new preview images added.
  • Aug 24 2017: Alternates and Custom Farm Types re-uploaded to fix error in Flumme's Waterfalls in the Hills map.
  • Aug 18 2017: Everything has been re-uploaded, all the files have been modified in some small way. Compatibility patches included.
  • Jul 05 2017: Custom Farm Type and Alternates are updated due to changes to Sean5861's Default and Alt, udt103's Default, FreZkim531's Riverlad, and norisunine's BIG Forest maps.
  • Jun 30 2017: Updated the Custom Farm Type and Alternates upload to fix an error in the udt103 Default Farm that would block a later part of the Mr Qi quest.
  • Jun 26 2017: Added an alternate Default Farm for udt103, updated all of the compatibility patches, added one for Less Saturated Valley.
  • Jun 22 2017: Added an alternate of the BIG Forest Farm for norisunine.
  • Jun 11 2017: Added an alternate Default Farm for Sean5861.
  • Jun 02 2017: All farms, once again, re-upped. Hopefully the issues that were present have been dealt with.
  • May 17 2017: All farms re-upped, fixed some things.
  • May 15 2017: Re-upped the custom farm types version, was an error in the way they were set. Should be fixed now.
  • May 13 2017: New alternate map, everything updated, separated the alternate farms from the rest. Added Custom Farm Types compatibility.
  • May 05 2017: Had to re-up, again, error in packaging that I didn't notice until secondbreakfastpip told me of a problem they were having.
  • May 01 2017: Had to re-up nearly all the files. All of the currently known errors should be fixed. Hopefully.
  • Apr 29 2017: Files updated with easier installation thanks to keiro.
  • Apr 22 2017: Updated all the map files, added an alt Riverland for woodtortoise and alt Forest for Rudo86.
  • Apr 15 2017: Fixed spouse area errors on all maps and made the north Riverland exit big enough for a horse to use.
  • Apr 05 2017: Fixed horseback errors for all of the new farming areas.
  • Mar 29 2017: Fixed horseback error on Hill-Top Farm.
  • Mar 26 2017: Added an alternate Riverland farm for FreZkim531.
  • Mar 23 2017: Added compatibility between my pet area, StarGrime, and Better Dirt.
  • Mar 22 2017: A few cosmetic changes and a number of bug fixes.
  • Mar 20 2017: All maps updated, fixed errors entering the farm on horseback in other maps (Think that's all of them). Added updated Screenshots.
  • Mar 19 2017: Fixed two inaccessible areas that couldn't be used and an inability to enter the farm from the left entrance on horseback.
  • Mar 13 2017: Fixed an error in the default map not allowing you to enter the Greenhouse or the farm on a horse, fixed multiple overlooked appearance issues in all the farms, made some sections more believably realistic in shape.
  • Mar 12 2017: Added compatibility between Eemiestardew's recolors and my pet area, updated the other files for the pet area as well.