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Configure the time it takes for tapper outputs. Harvest your syrup, resin, and tar all on the same day!
Now also supports quality, experience, and more!

Permissions and credits
Once you have saved with this version of the mod (1.2.1), tappers should no longer disappear if the mod is removed (regardless of when you placed them).
Note that you have to save with every savefile for this, doing one won't prevent loss in the others.

-Output times-

The output times for maple syrup/oak resin/pine tar have been averaged out and now all of them produce at the same (configurable) time.
Mushroom trees and mahogany trees each also have a separate configuration option.

Default for everything is 7 days, except mahogany which is 1.

The duration for heavy tappers can be modified with the heavy tapper multiplier config option. Defaults to half the time of normal tappers.

Note that none of this changes the normal logic for what the next mushroom will be from a mushroom tree.

You now gain foraging experience for harvesting from tappers! It defaults to 10xp per harvest, which you can change to any integer in the configs. If you want to disable this, just set it to 0.

Tappers can now produce items with quality! By default there are 3 things that will affect the quality of outputs: your foraging level, the age of the tree, and the number of times you've harvested from that particular tapper (careful, resets if you break it).
There are options in the config for each of these, as well as for enabling/disabling quality altogether.

With all 3 active, when you get them to high enough levels you have a (small) chance to get iridium quality even without the botanist perk.

Finally, I've added tapper support for both the gatherer and botanist foraging perks. Each has it's own option in the config, and they are enabled by default.
Note that if you disable quality in the config, the botanist perk will also stop working.

Completed remove any previous version of Better Tappers.
Drop the "BetterTappers" folder into your Mods folder.

You can add or remove Better Tappers from existing saves without issue.
If you play without the mod and then reinstall it later, tree ages and the individual tappers times harvested may reset to 0.

Besides SMAPI, this mod also requires the following:

Though it isn’t in any way required, I recommend you use Generic Mod Config Menu if you intend to play around with the configs.

This will probably be incompatible with other mods that modify how tappers work.
If you're using something like Forage Fantasy for example, then at the very least you should disable tapper xp and quality in one of the two.

This will work with automation mods as far as the product timers and xp go, but you won't get any quality products from automation.

Combine Machines will work as long as its configs have "Tappers" and "Heavy Tappers" set to "MultiplyItems" instead of "IncreaseSpeed"

Those who like this mod may also like combining it with: A Tappers Dream - A Tree Overhaul by Goldenrevolver, so check that out (doesn't modify tappers, but lets you change tree behaviour).

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Or free to check out the source code here