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Configure the time it takes for tapper outputs. Harvest your syrup, resin, and tar all on the same day!

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The output times for maple syrup/oak resin/pine tar have been averaged out and now all of them produce at the same (configurable) time.
Mushroom trees and mahogany trees each also have a separate configuration option.

Default for everything is 7 days, except mahogany which is 1.
Heavy tappers can be manually configured with their own options, but will default to half the time of normal tappers.

Note that none of this changes the normal logic for what the next mushroom will be from a mushroom tree.

I can add more config options to separate maple/oak/pine trees and that sort of thing if its something people want, but I had no interest in it for myself. So
let me know if that's something you want.

Completed remove any previous version of Better Tappers.
Drop the "BetterTappers" folder into your Mods folder.

This mod only requires SMAPI.

No known compatibility issues.

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