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"Redesigns and redecorates the Luau, Egg Festival, Spirit's Eve and Feast of the Winter Star",

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This mod changes the more "generic" Stardew festivals to something a bit more unique and fun to play. The mod significantly modifies the design and lore of the Egg Festival, Luau, Spirit's Eve and Feast of the Winter Star, and changes dialogue and decor to provide a different playthrough.

There's also a config file you can use to turn off altered festivals you don't like.


Stardew Valley 1.5+
- Content Patcher 1.23.0+
- SMAPI 3.12.6+

Compatible with East Scarp, Diverse Stardew Valley and Immersive Festival Dialogue. Not compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded nor Ridgeside Valley.


Just unrar, and drag and drop into your mod folder.

Config Options

When you first start the game, CP will autogenerate a config for you.

  "UsingOwnBuildings": Some of the Winter Star patches affect the winter_town and winter_outdoorsTileSheets map, and may not gel well if you use a town building replacer (like Way Back Pelican Town). Setting this to "true" will remove building edits to these maps.

  "NoTikiLuau": The Luau will now be renamed to the "Moonshine Barbecue", and is completely de-tikified. The soup is now made in an old bath, and the lore relates to a period where alcohol was banned in the valley.

  "NoChristmasWinterStar": Replaces the Christmas-esque decor with decor relating to astronomy and stardrops. Candy canes have been removed, houses have stardrop wreaths, and the Feast of the Winter Star now centres on a giant orrery.

  "NoEasterEggFest": The Egg Festival is renamed to the Fairy Ring Feast, and is themed around fairies and mushrooms. The egg hunt is replaced by a "fairy hunt" or mushroom hunt - given the differences in sprites, the hunt is now significantly harder to complete!

  "LessOrangeSpiritsEve": Changes a number of pumpkins to other carved gourds and fruit, and recolours the table cloth to purple and bats.