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Amends recipes to match cost of normal ingredients + 50%. Adds food related special orders, and new mail for completion.

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Brief overview

This mod does a few things. First, it changes the base price of cooked items to be equal to the cost of normal quality ingredients, plus ~50%. This has a number of effects, not limited to:

  • Making it profitable for normal and silver quality items to be crafted and sold as meals. Once you are regularly producing gold and iridium crops, and have skills such as Tiller, Artisan and Rancher, this feature becomes loss-making.
  • Buying food at the Stardrop Saloon from Gus in most cases is significantly more expensive.
  • Qi seasoning adds 50% value to cooked meals, which will make crafting gold-quality crops profitable.

Secondly it adds eight new special orders, four repeatable and four non-repeatable, which require cooking items to complete. The four repeatable quests offer a monetary reward of just over 150% sell price of the cooking involved, plus one heart friendship with Jodi and a gift in the mail.  The four non-repeatable quests are more difficult, and (in most cases) offer larger monetary rewards, two heart friendship with the giver and a rarer gift in the mail*.

*The winter non-repeatable event grants 200% sell price gold and cool item, but no friendship.

A full list of what the mod changes is available at the bottom, under Spoilers.


Stardew Valley 1.5+
- Content Patcher 1.23.0+
- SMAPI 3.12.6+

Drag and drop into your mod folder.


Food price calculation

  • Food and drink will sell at cost of ingredients +50% (plus or minus a few percentages for my bad math). Some items have lost value, while others have greatly increased in value.
  • This also affects edible crafted items made in the inventory, such as Field Snack.
  • This does not affect the cost of artisan goods
  • The price for meals that use "Any Fish" are calculated using a 75g normal quality fish
  • The price for meals that use "Egg"  are calculated using a 50g small normal quality egg
  • The base cost of rice has been changed to 50g, to match wheat and sugar.
  • Gus sells food at 200% base value
  • Qi seasoning will increase the total base price by 50%.

Special orders


Jodi's Meals on Wheels drive - available every season, with different versions for each season. Jodi asks you to deliver her 5x5 cooking items based on seasonally available produce for a local Meals on Wheels drive.


  • 12500-18000 gold
  • 1 heart friendship
  • 12 seasonally appropriate flowers (blue jazz, sunflower, fairy rose, crocus)


Abigail's Movie Night - Spring only. Abigail asks you to bring her 10x2 and 5x5 movie snacks for a movie marathon (that may or may not be Lord of The Rings)


  • 23000 gold
  • 2 heart friendship
  • 1 Iridium Band

Elliot's Pirate Poetry Reading - Summer only. Elliot asks you to bring him 10x2 and 5x5 sea-themed items for a Pirate Poetry reading he is hosting.


  • 28500 gold
  • 2 heart friendship
  • 30 Magic Bait
Penny's Breakfast Picnic - Fall only. Penny asks you to bring her 10x2 and 5x5 breakfast items for a big breakfast picnic in Zuzu City.


  • 28500 gold
  • 2 heart friendship
  • 3 Ostritch Eggs

Marlon's Ball Invites - Winter only. Marlon needs you to deliver a piece of Miner's candy to everyone in town (except Dwarf and Krobus) as an invitation to the Croft Adventurer's Ball.


  • 20000 gold
  • 5 Magic Rock Candy