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About this mod

A portrait and sprite mod that tweaks Maru's looks while not changing too much of her overall design. Includes other small changes.

Red hair and brown hair variants available for both portraits and sprites.

Permissions and credits

*Updated for 1.5*
This mod changes Maru's hairstyle similar to that of her old portraits while still retaining her default appearance and also fixing other things.

In vanilla SDV, Maru's portraits and sprites have mismatching hair colors. Her portraits have red/pink hair while her sprites have brown hair. This mod replaces her hairstyle while also fixing the mismatch. The red and brown hair colors are available to use. 

Portraits and sprites of the same hair color are packaged together but you may mix and match once downloaded if you like.

Other changes include:
  • Color of portrait's overalls to match her sprite's
  • Gap between legs removed
  • Shape of portrait's nurse cap to match her sprite's
  • Eyeglasses more visible on sprites

Comparisons of her [Original], [Red hair], and [Brown hair] portraits and sprites.

-- Installation instructions --
  • Download the file and extract [CP] Maru Spruced Up folder into your Mods folder. Done!

  • 2 hair color options: red or brown. Default is red. To change:
  • Launch the game after installing the mod to generate config file inside [CP] Maru Spruced Up folder.
  • Open the config file and replace the text "red" with "brown" or vice-versa. Done!

-- Changelog --
  • 3.0 - updated for Stardew Valley 1.5. Changed cross color from red to gray (same as original design).
  • 2.0 - updated for Content Patcher.

Don't hesitate to report any stray pixels or problems that you encounter. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this little mod! :)

You can also check out my Elliott Spruced Up sprite and portrait edit! :D