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A portrait and sprite mod that changes Elliott's look to that of a much younger appearance while still retaining most of his designs.

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This mod changes Elliott's portrait to a modified version that is similar to some of his old official portraits.
** Updated (after 3 yrs lol) for Content Patcher **

While vanilla SDV Elliott's side-facing portrait is already good, I wanted to know what he would look like if he was facing front like most of the other villagers. I didn't know where to start with this but thanks to Overhauled Marriage Candidates, whose job on 'old Elliott' helped me a ton, I managed to work on a front-facing Elliott while still having the same color scheme of his vanilla portrait (the color of his clothes and hair).

One other small change made was removing the gap between his legs on the sprites.

-- Installation instructions --
  • Download the file and extract [CP] Elliott Spruced Up folder into your Mods folder. Done!

Don't hesitate to report any stray pixels or problems that you encounter. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this little mod! :)

Credit goes to Rupert484's Overhauled Marriage Candidates for his great work on recreating 'old Elliot' portraits from which I based off this mod.

You can also check out my Maru Spruced Up sprite and portrait edit! :D