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Allows conditions to be set for animals in Marnie's shop.

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Do you have all the animal mods the internet has to offer?
Do you wish you had a way to slow down access to the cash cows, as it were?
Well congratulations!

New in my series of incredibly niche mods that have little, if any, interest comes Animal Shop Conditions.

Just update the handy config.json with whichever animal type and the conditions you want it to become available:
  "AnimalConditions": [
      "AnimalName": "Chicken",
      "Conditions": [
        "f Marnie 1000"
      "AnimalName": "Dairy Cow",
      "Conditions": [
        "f Marnie 2000"
In this example Chickens (White, Brown, and Blue when available) will be for sale when Marnie is at 4 hearts, and Cows (White and Brown) at 8 hearts. Works with vanilla and modded animals.

Why would you want to do this? No idea!
And whenever FAVR comes out it may become obsolete!

Source is available at the source place
My other mod I'm surprised anyone has bothered to download: Barn Incubator Support
Or, if you're into that kind of thing, there's the unofficial BFAV patch to support Ostriches and Golden Chickens.