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This mod simply changes some sprites so that they look more consistent with the Baechu style portraits.

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This mod simply changes some sprites so that they look more consistent with the Baechu-style portraits.

1.2 Now includes sprites for Emily and Shane as well.
1.3 Now includes the Beach Sprites for Emily, Sam, Sebastian, and Shane as well as Kent
1.4 Fixed the loose pixel in Sam's sprite
1.5 Should now be compatible with the latest Smapi version
1.6 Added an optional file for short-haired Elliott
1.7 Now includes sprites for Penny and Maru (Penny has bangs and Maru has her purple eyes) (base sprites from Poltergeister)
      Emily's eyes are now pink to match her Baechu portrait (Thank you liacolleburn for catching that!)

I personally don't play with short-haired Elliott and only added him because of a request so if those of you who do see any issues with the sprite it'd be great if you could tell me!

- Sebastian Sprite
- Sam Sprite
- Emily Sprite
- Shane Sprite
- Shane_JojaMart Sprite
- Kent Sprite
- Elliott Sprite
- Penny Sprite
- Maru Sprite
- Beach Sprites (excluding Elliott)

If there are any other sprites you feel need some changes to look more consistent with the Baechu Style Portraits, please tell me and I will try to include those :)


Just drag the unzipped folder into your Mods folder.

Choose one of the main files. I have included Kent separately as his Baechu style portrait is currently not available (to my knowledge) but for anyone who already has it in their game, you can use the sprite change.

Edit: Kent's Portrait is in fact available off-site for those of you who don't have him yet but would like to.