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Your Junimos will express their thoughts on life, work, weather, seasons, and occasionally you!

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  • Portuguese

Junimo Dialog
lets your Junimos tell you how they really feel.

They'll occasionally spout off about work, life, feelings, seasons, weather, and harvests.

The dialog ranges between happy, sassy, and grumbling. If you don't want the attitude, or you only want the attitude, it's configurable.

You can add or modify the dialog, including having custom dialog for specific days/times/weather/festivals etc. You can do it! Even if you haven't modded before.

Compatible with Better Junimos but also works fine on its own.

  • Dialog spawns occasionally when Junimos are doing a task or taking a break
  • Junimos will sometimes talk in their language, sometimes in yours
  • You can adjust the amount of chatter and the Junimos' attitude
  • Supports Generic Mod Config Menu, so you can configure it from inside the game
  • About 50 bits of dialog included so far
  • Included languages: English, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean

    One file to download. Decompress and drag the whole folder into your mods.

You can write extra dialog and distribute it in content packs. When other people publish dialog packs they'll be listed here.

See the json files in Assets. Every json file in that folder is loaded as dialog.

You can enable extra debug messages in the configuration. This may help if you have any problems with adding dialog.
The @ symbol in dialogs will insert the farmer's name.

Post a comment. If it's a bug, go to, get a link to your log, and add the link to your comment.

  • You can update it!
  • You can translate it!
  • Credit is good manners, and appreciated ♥ (But not actually required.)

By ceruleandeep 🌊.
Turkish translation: KediDili
Japanese translation: tiakall
Portuguese translation: YureKs
Korean translation: wally232