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Significantly improve Junimos: automatically plant crops, fertilize, work for a fee, increase range, work in the greenhouse, and more!

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Better Junimos

Finally a mod to improve Junimo huts to make them worth it!
Significantly improve Junimos: automatically plant crops, fertilize, work for a fee, increase range, and more!

Main things you should know
  • If you're confused about why your Junimos are not working the way you imagined, left-click on the hut to see information.
  • You need to provide items to unlock each Junimo ability ("progression"). These are fun mini-quests. If you don't like this you can turn it off.
  • You can turn almost any feature on/off. Installing Generic Mod Config Menu will help you configure this mod (and most other mods).

Plant crops, fertilize, water plants, harvest forage, clear dead crops, avoid flowers
Add many new capabilities to your junimos!

Place seeds/fertilizer in your JunimoHut chests and the Junimos will automatically fertilize any open tilled spot and plant your seeds for you!
Junimos will also automatically water plants, harvest forage, and clear dead crops.
You can prevent Junimos from harvesting flowers (convenient for Bee Houses!) 

Want your Junimos to do even more? Check out Better Junimos Forestry which adds 10 other useful Junimo skills.

Leaf Umbrellas and work in rain
Adds leaf umbrellas to Junimos when it is raining (Thank you to @ParadigmNomad for the incredibly cute assets)

Work in the greenhouse
If your greenhouse is within range of a hut, the Junimos will go inside and work there too.

Can work in winter
Junimos will now rug up and trudge through the snow to take care of your winter crops.

Pay your Junimos (feel less guilty!)
You can now pay your Junimos! Set a small configurable item fee for their labor. Place their requested item (e.g. a foraged item or fruit) in their chest, and the Junimos will start working

Skill progression
Junimos will request items they need to do each chore for you. Put the requested items in the hut.
To see what requests are outstanding, left-click a hut. If you don't like the progression dynamic, you can turn it off in config.

Increase working area, work faster, and work later
You can increase the area/radius that the Junimos will work and wander in
You can also optionally make the Junimos work (plant, harvest) slightly faster
Junimos can now optionally work until midnight instead of 7pm

Increase number of Junimos
You can increase the max number of Junimos that will spawn at one time. WARNING: do not set too high or your game will crash. Up to 40 seems ok.

Unlock Junimo Hut Earlier
Unlock Junimo Huts purchasing after completing the Community Center (or immediately)
Makes Junimo Huts cheaper (or free)


  • Super configurable
  • Extensible Ability API (see GitHub)
  • Fixes a native Stardew Valley bug where Junimo Huts 'disable harvest' button would disappear
  • Press J to spawn a Junimo 
  • Can optionally not consume your seeds (still need at least one seed in the chest to know which type of crops to grow)
  • Junimos can avoid planting coffee beans
  • Junimos can avoid harvesting flowers
  • Junimos can leave cauliflowers/pumpkins/melons in the ground until the end of the season, so they can grow giant


Better Junimos works with Generic Mod Config Menu. It's the easiest way to configure it.

If you want to configure by editing a file, run the game once with the mod installed. The mod will create a config.json file in your BetterJunimos folder.

"JunimoAbilities": { # extra things Junimos can do   
      "Fertilize": true, # should the Junimos fertilize for you      
      "Water": true, # should the Junimos water plants for you     
      "PlantCrops": true, # should the Junimos plant crops for you     
      "HarvestCrops": true, # should the Junimos harvest crops for you     
      "HarvestForageCrops": true, # should the Junimos harvest forage items        
      "ClearDeadCrops": true # should the Junimos clear your dead crops
"JunimoHuts": { # improvements to Junimo Huts   
      "MaxJunimos": 3, # set the max amount of Junimos that can spawn at once   
      "MaxRadius": 8, # set the area/radius that the Junimos will work and wander in   
      "AvailibleAfterCommunityCenterComplete": true, # unlock Junimo hut earlier   
      "AvailibleImmediately": false, # immediately unlock Junimo hut   
      "ReducedCostToConstruct": true, # make Junimo hut cost less   
      "FreeToConstruct": false # make Junimo hut free
"JunimoImprovements": { # upgrades to Junimos
      "CanWorkInRain": true, # should the Junimos work even when it's raining
      "CanWorkInWinter": false, # should the Junimos work in winter      
      "CanWorkInEvenings": false, # should the Junimos work even after 7pm     
      "WorkFaster": false, # make your Junimos work a bit faster
      "AvoidHarvestingFlowers": true # prevent harvesting of flowers (good for Bee Houses)
      "AvoidPlantingCoffee": true # prevent planting of coffee beans
"JunimoPayment": { # pay your junimos
      "WorkForWages": false, # should your Junimos work for payment?
      "DailyWage": {} # what should they be paid (in the Junimo hut chest) every day?
"FunChanges": {   
      "RainyJunimoSpiritFactor": how spirity should Junimos become in the rain (1.0=not transparent)
      "JunimosAlwaysHaveLeafUmbrellas": false, # the cutest thing ever, always
      "MoreColorfulLeafUmbrellas": false, # less green hats     
      "InfiniteJunimoInventory": false # can give Junimos infinite seed packets/fertilizer
"Other": {    
      "SpawnJunimoKeybind": "J", # change the key to press to spawn junimos     
      "ReceiveMessages": true # prevent any messages about your junimos (including payment reminders) 

Paying Junimos
In the config.json "WorkForWages" to true, and then decide how you want to pay them. The default is 1 foraged item per day, but you can also pay them in flowers, fruit, and/or wine. Just enter the amount of each you want to pay them per day. Then, in the game, click on the junimo hut as if you were retrieving harvested crops, and place the payment inside. If it's the correct payment, a message will pop up saying that the junimos are happy with their payment, and they will get to work. You can also pay them for multiple days at a time if you don't want to do it every day.
Thanks to sunnrock for this explanation!


Future (based on what YOU say you want in the comments)
- Junimos should be paid (a small item fee for their work)
- Increase range
- Increase speed
- Increase amount
- Harvest forage
- Clear crops
- Prevent harvesting flowers
- Add way to get Junimo Huts earlier
- Blacklist items for planting/harvesting
- Water your plants
- Work late
- Work in winterr

- Pet your animals
- Scare off crows 
- Open/close your barn/coop doors
- Collect random in-season forage items

This mod is compatible with Better Junimos Forestry which allows Junimos to harvest fruit trees and more!

**Requires the latest version of SMAPI and SDV 1.5+**
Feel free to Chat on Discord if you have any issues or ideas!
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