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ever thought pierre was boring well not anymore.
pierre has turned into a moogle.

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ever thought pierre was boring well not anymore.
 pierre has turned into a moogle.

now add the famous kupo nut as a tree.
you need 8 hearts with mog and 6 hearts with krobus then krobus will sell the nut.

if anything goes wrong i need to know asap.

i would like to thank the following people for helping me with my mod.

arcane for finishing the sprite and portrair
Stunky mc doo for rewriting the kupo nut file.
miome is known for their multi-tools mod. they help me finish my kupo nut tree.
nathan2070 is know for his stardew theme iu he help make my moogle fly.
gainem from their work on the portrait.
you can find all the people that helped me on discord.

here is the sprite i work off from for the moogle

if u liked this mod would you consider donating to me?