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This mod adds a custom NPC named Aspen to NPC Adventures as a possible new companion. She's a forager, and a fisher!

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NPC Adventures

With Aspen's latest summer update I decided it would be fun to include some NPC Adventures support! Now you can bring Aspen with you anywhere, though I'd only really suggest bringing her around anywhere you wouldn't have combat as she won't be of any help there.

If you're playing NPC Adventures on Adventure mod and you've gone deep enough in the mines, and have a high enough friendship you should ask Aspen if she'd like to join you...

...she might just say yes!

Instead you should bring her with you when you go fishing, or foraging!

Aspen will shake bushes and trees while you're out, collecting things that fall and can give them to the player! If you go fishing, she'll come next to you and join you, also offering fish that she catches! 

Thanks to her magnetic personality, she also gives you a nice little buff! 
Farming +1, Foraging +2, Item magnetism +1

You can talk to Aspen in certain areas for unique dialogue, and sometimes she'll even make a comment when you walk around.

This mod's goal was just to help bring Aspen even more to life. :)