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As your health drops, you gradually see more Red Haze on your screen. Or Blood ... like an FPS! Your choice. Anyways, you get alerted that your health is low, in a way that you _surely_ cannot miss...

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At first, I made this as a joke mod :P ... then it became clear that this mod is helpful as it visually, continually alerts the player that their farmer's health is low.

Install, and when your health drops below a certain threshold (configurable in config.json), the borders of the game field will become red.

As your health gets lower, the border becomes redder.

Until you die pass out due to loss of blood.

See Video tab for demo.

Upgrading from v0.1.0

Due to the amount of internal changes I made in v0.2.0, you'll have to completely delete v0.1.0 from your Mods folder, then extract the new one over. Sorry about that.

Temporarily Hide the Overlay (v0.7.0+)

So, you've hit really low health. You ran away. The overlay stays on screen. And it will stay there until you increase your HP above the predefined threshold levels.

Annoying? Of course.

So you can press OemSemicolon (the semicolon key, usually to the left of the Enter/Return key) to hide the overlay temporarily ... if your health changes (up or down, doesn't matter), it will automagically appear again.

This hotkey is, of course, customizable via config.json. Just change the value for "temp_hide_hotkey" to something of your liking.

Customization: Blood-vs-Haze

Open up config.json and change the value for "overlay". Two built-in 'overlay sets' are provided:
  • "simple" -- red haze border
  • "bloody" -- blood droplets border <== THIS IS THE DEFAULT

Since v0.8.1, you can also use Generic Mod Config Menu to change the overlay set from in-game.
If you want different overlays ... keep reading to the section "Customization: Your Own Overlay!"

Customization: Health Level

If you think the border came too soon / too late, you can edit the Health% at which the border changes.

First, set the Blood-vs-Haze option as described above.

Then, go to the mod's folder, then into "assets", then into the option you chose in blood-vs-haze above.

Open the "overlay.json" file. Edit to your liking. The provided overlay.json files are commented so you should be able to intuit what each fields mean.

Customization: Your Own Overlay!

Yes, you can use your own border graphics! There is only one requirement: The center area of the graphics you'll be using must be transparent. If not, you'll cover the game world!

There are 2 ways to do this: Modify the mod directly, or create a Content Pack.

Modify Mod Directly

  1. Create a new folder under "assets", let's call this "my_border"
  2. Copy the PNG file you want to use into this new folder
  3. Copy "overlay.json" from "assets/simple" or "assets/bloody" into the new folder
  4. Edit the "overlay.json" to your liking
  5. Open the "config.json", edit the value for "overlay" to "my_border" (or whatever the name of the new folder you created in Step #1)
  6. Start Stardew Valley
  7. If you don't see Errors from "Damage Overlay" in the SMAPI Console, then you're done!

To help you test your changes, a new console command " dover sethp <percentage> " have been implemented in v0.8.1.
Create a Content Pack (for v0.6.0+)

Or... create a Content Pack! Take a look at the provided "DamageOverlay ContentPack Example" file, and edit to your liking.
Then edit this mod's config.json to use the overlay name provided by your content pack.

To help you test your changes, a new console command " dover sethp <percentage> " have been implemented in v0.8.1

Source Code

Available on SourceForge. It is released under the MPL-2.0 License