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Makes people you are friends with talk to you like they like you + Bachelors flirt with you!
No more constantly talking about the weather!!

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*Update: 2/17: Flirty Shane added.
This mod will teach the villagers to recognize when you are their friend and respond to you more appropriately.
As your hearts go up, you unlock more things they can say:

At 0-5 hearts they will compliment how you look and be welcoming toward you.
At 6-8 hearts, they will start to get shy and allude to having a crush on you.
At 10 hearts if you are dating, they may ask you on dates, allude to wanting to get you alone, etc.
Note: They may subtly invite you back to their place. *Wink Wink*

The following villagers are currently available in this mod:  Alex, Sam, Sebastian. + Shane
More to come based on request.

I also removed the bias that used to cause Male NPCs to be nicer to the Female Farmer than the Male Farmer. (Yes that was a thing, programmed into the original game! Ugh...)
If you want to speed up the process of making friends, I have a mod that makes people start to love you much faster.
This mod does not effect marriage dialogue. If you are married to Sam, I have a mod that makes him talk dirty to you and give you iridium bars. The two mods will work together.

*Remember, always back up your content folder before modding! :)
Have fun!