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Fishing rework with complete customization. Adds a large focus on perfect catches, even making it possible to catch iridium-quality fish! Comes with an API in v2.0+.

Permissions and credits
Requires SMAPI v2.7+ / SDV 1.3.28
Works in multiplayer

This mod is on ModDrop
An unofficial update is available for SDV 1.4, thanks to Mendaere.

Completely reworks fishing. Changes include:
 - Fish are generally 15% easier to catch
 - It is impossible to catch gold quality (or higher) fish without getting a perfect catch (configurable)
 - Treasure has been reworked:
    - Finding treasure during a perfect catch gives a higher chance to find rare treasure
    - Junk rewards in treasure have had their quantity boosted a little
    - Treasure is caught (and lost) 25% faster
 - A new event while fishing: Unaware fish
    - Fish that are unaware of you will be 50% easier to catch
    - Event chance is based on daily luck and luck level
    - Can be configured in the config file
 - A new perfect streak system:
    - Consecutive perfect catches add to your perfect streak. When the fish leaves that bobber area, you'll lose your streak!
    - Every three perfect catches will increase the quality of your fish by 1
    - It's possible to catch iridium-quality fish this way!
    - Treasure is more likely to appear as your streak increases
    - Going for treasure will not punish you. You keep your streak, and you can still catch gold quality (or higher) fish. Your streak won't increase though!
    - The difficulty of the fish will also increase as your streak increases, so be careful!
 - Complete control over which fish you will find and their behaviors. If you want to add catchable diamonds, then go ahead!
 - An option to allow legendary fish to be caught multiple times (this is true by default, but they are significantly less likely to be caught)
    - This also means that you cannot recatch Legend while this setting is false. No more exploiting Legend for money and exp!
 - Legendary fish are no longer caught by standing in a specific spot and casting your line. Now, they are caught like any other fish, but there is a very low chance you'll find one! (configurable)
 - [WIP] Still working on an in-game config editor, but it's taking a while. Sorry! It probably won't be included until v3.0 is finished.

The config file contains a LOT of settings for you to change, including the speed you catch (and lose) fish and treasure, rewards you can obtain from treasure, which fish you can catch, and whether legendary fish can be caught multiple times. You can enable fishing on any farm, control the chances of catching fish and treasure, control the behavior of fish, and more. The documentation is inside the config file you want to edit, so you don't need to keep another file open while you edit the config to see what each option does.

If you will be editing either treasure.json or fish.json, then definitely take a look at this ID list.

Press F5 while in game to reload the config. Changes should take place immediately.

Through ModDrop:
  1. Click "Browse"
  2. Search for "Teh's Fishing Overhaul"
  3. Beta versions are not available through ModDrop

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.
  4. NOTE: config files are NOT included in the zip. They will be generated when you first run the game.
  5. Optional: If you are updating from a previous version, you may want to delete your treasure.json and fish.json to get the latest default settings for them.

- Compatible with ALL .xnb mods! This mod will work with any changes done to Fish.xnb and Locations.xnb
    - The fish.json config file is generated based on these two xnb files, so any changes done through mods will be reflected there as well
 - Most likely compatible with any changes done to cage fishing
 - Probably incompatible with other fishing overhauls.

Upcoming Features
 - In-game config GUI
 - A cleaner, more powerful API
 - Possibly rewritten into a single core mod with several smaller mods that individually change how fishing works
    - For example, fish events might be its own mod, along with a "more fish" mod and whatever else I feel like making
    - Anyone would be able to make their own mod that changes how fishing works as well by using the API
 - I kind of want to make a fishing boat system, but I have no idea how hard that's going to be

Recommended Mods
Extreme Fishing Overhaul by unidarkshin
- Compatible with v2.0 of this mod, sometimes maybe possibly

 - Complete mod rewrite
 - Fishing HUD element: includes current streak, chance for treasure, chance for trash, and chance for each type of fish
 - Simplified config: some config options are being removed because
they're too confusing or unnecessary, and the config is commented
 - Full control over trash: you can now disable trash entirely if you want.
Well, you'll still get trash if there's no fish available...
 - Fish traits config: determines each individual fish's difficulty, size, and movement
 - Fish preview: shows which fish you're catching
 - [WIP] An in-game config editor, depends on how difficult it is to make
 - An API for other modders to use if they want to inject custom fish data, control the chance of catching
fish in general, control farm fishing, control treasure data, or
control fishing behaviors

 - Fixed default value of BaseDifficultyMult. Was originally 10%, put it back to 85%. Whoops!
    - If you are updating from a previous version, either delete your config.json, or manually change that value to 0.85, unless you like the easy fishing of course.

- Added German translations (Thanks Nova900!)
 - Code cleanup

 - Added individual allowDuplicates config options for each loot entry. If AllowDuplicates is set to true, then the loot's allowDuplicates entry will be checked.
 - Changed IndestructibleTackle to TackleDestroyRate. Now you can change how fast tackle breaks. Let me know if this is working or not!
 - Added translation support to the mod. Currently, all languages have English text. If you'd like to create a translation, go into the mod's "Translations" folder and edit the file with the appropriate language code. You may have to switch away from and back to your language for it to appear.
 - Bug fixes. Catfish bug hasn't been fixed, but still not sure if it's actually a bug or just a lack of information. I'll be making changes later to make it easier to tell which fish you can catch at certain times.

 - Added individual config options for each loot entry for allowing duplicates of that loot. The main config's setting will disable all duplicates when set to false, and use the values in treasure.json when set to true.
 - Redid the treasure/fish randomizer (again, hopefully for the last time). It now uses a much more streamlined algorithm than I was using before (and one that's significantly cleaner than the vanilla code to do this stuff).

 - Added options for maximum values for treasure quantity, chance, and quality multiplier, and lowered some default treasure values.

 - Fixed a bug that occurs when OverrideFishing is false. Note: Your cast distance will be assumed to be 5 if that setting is false. There isn't much I can do about that.

 - Fixed a bug where having a fishing level greater than 10 would force you to get bait in chests. MaxLevel in the loot settings is now ignored when it is >= 10.

 - Added a config option for indestructible tackle

 - Added options to disable specific parts of the mod
 - Added scaling options for streak's effect on treasure quality and quantity
 - Fixed streak difficulty scaling, and thus also changed the default scaling factor to 2%.

 - Fixed a yucky game-freezing bug that was caused by casting your line multiple times (surprising that I missed this one! Derp.)

 - Fixed "MinCastDistance" not working as intended in treasure.json (the mod was thinking your cast distance was 0 when selecting loot. Whoops!)

 - Added a "StreakAdditionalLootChance" setting to increase your additional loot chance as your streak increases
 - Added a "AllowDuplicateLoot" setting to let you control if a treasure chest can contain duplicates in it
 - More bug fixes, including fish behavior not matching up with the fish

 - Changed treasure picker's randomization function to shuffle the possible loot rather than sort by chance. This is experimental, and the previous version is still available to download

 - Fixed mutant carp only appearing during the fall by default

 - Fixed ice pip and lava eel not appearing in the mines
 - Fixed listing fish in the mine showing fish you can catch on all floors rather than just the floor you're on

 - Added the ability to see which fish you can catch. Default key is numpad-9

- Added config file for choosing which fish can be caught where.
 - Separated the treasure loot from the main config file. It cleans up the main config while also allowing easy sharing of the treasure config.
 - Added config option to allow legendary fish to be caught multiple times.
    - You can NO LONGER catch Legend multiple times if this setting is false.
 - Added a main "ModEnabled" option to the main config. If this is set to false, the mod will not do anything more than load the config files.
 - Fixed a lot of the default treasure loot settings and the treasure randomizer (Thanks Torsten!)

 - Removed some debugging code. Whoops!

 - Fixed a bug allowing you to keep your streak if you get the treasure but fail to catch the fish
 - Added global "ModEnabled" option in the config for those of you who want to disable the mod without removing it (maybe for finding conflicts?)
 - Further lowered the amount of bait in the default treasure loot
 - Added install/update instructions to the zip

 - Fixes not being able to catch gold fish even while perfect sometimes
 - Adjusts the default junk treasure a little bit

- Fixed the config forcing "meleeWeapon" to be false