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Core mod required by new mods and major mod updates released by myself. Supports custom content packs which add new items to the game.

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Requires SMAPI v2.10.1+ / SDV 1.3.32
Not multiplayer compatible (currently)

This mod will be required by all new mods and major mod updates I release. It is a solution to the DLL mess that my mods have been so far, and combines all the DLLs into a single API managed by this mod. Full documentation on this API will be released with v1.0 of this mod.

Texture Events

Using the modding API provided with the mod, events can be registered for when specific textures are drawn. The drawing behavior can be overridden to control how that particular texture is drawn. These events are used to draw all the custom items registered through this mod. They are also used to remove the tinting when pumpkin slimes are drawn in Festive Slimes, for example, and to draw the hats over the slimes.

Custom Items

Custom items can be registered through the modding API. These items are automatically assigned indexes whenever a save file is loaded, and are guaranteed to always have the same index when that save is loaded in the future. Additionally, the item indexes are synchronized in multiplayer. This system is similar to Json Assets, but differs in that item names must only be unique within your mod. For example, if two different mods create an item named "candy", this mod will automatically differentiate between the two rather than create a conflict. Additionally, at no point must you work directly with an item's index. If you need an instance of your custom item, then an instance of it will be created for you. You may also use item keys which point to mods that do not use Teh's Core Mod to register their items. For example, an item key which points to a Json Assets item can be used in place of an item key pointing to an item created with this mod. This works because an item provider has been created for Json Assets. Other custom item providers may also be registered with this mod to add compatibility with other mods that add items to the game.

Custom Machines

Work in progress.


Recipes created through Teh's Core Mod may contain any number of ingredients and results. Additionally, recipes may contain any type of item as an ingredient or result, including items created through other mods, like Json Assets. Once a recipe is created, the name of the recipe is returned so that the recipe may be added to the player's crafting recipe list at any time.

Content Packs

Documentation for creating content packs can be found on the wiki. Currently, content packs can add new objects, weapons, and recipes to the game, however future versions will also support custom machines, food, and other types of objects. When those features come out, they will be automatically compatible with items added through Json Assets content packs.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.