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This is a quick mod I made to kind of fill a void in tracking items that go to the Community Center Bundles that tags items that go into bundles with a (B). Only works for the English language in-game.

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This mod adds a (B) to the end of the items name as seen in the picture to go with this mod. It doesn't do anything special like track the bundles or anything, all it does is change the item's name to have that (B) in it as a quick way to identify that the item goes to at least one bundle. This way newer players who haven't memorized the bundle items can just use this mod to easily identify bundle items without having to constantly check, without needing a separate screen with a wiki pulled up, and/or without needing to ALT+TAB out of the game to check a wiki or something.

Once the item is in the bundle, the (B) will NOT go away from the name of the item. To make this mod I pulled up the extracted ObjectInformation.json file and manually went through to add the (B) to bundle items, so there's no fancy code that removes the (B) once it's in the bundle. That's way too complicated for me, but hopefully this mod still helps some people out anyway.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get this to work for the English localization; I tried to get it to work with other localizations since each has their own ObjectInformation file, but whatever I tried didn't work and I think it's in part due to the name of the files.