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Tool selection wheel for quick and easy tool switching!

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annoyed from switching between tools? the number of button presses it takes to do so? does it feel like a problem that is solved in other games with simple selection wheels? yeah me too, so I made this mod. a simple selection wheel filled with all your tools just two button presses away!

Big 2.0 Update

Pretty Animation and a new backdrop to improve visibility!
don't like it? no problem as this update also comes with a configuration file now!
 just set "AnimationMilliseconds": 0 to skip the animation. 
set "UseBackdrop": false to keep the old style going.
config also includes the option to select with the left thumb button instead of the right one
and of course you can rebind the (keyboard) key wichs opens the menu.
don't like editing the config file? I gotcha fam as this mod also supports Generic Mod Config Menu


Mouse and Keyboard 
press left alt once to open the menu, a select tool with the mouse (both right and left click select the tool that's hovered over).
press left alt again or click anywhere but a tool will close the menu again.
left thumbstick click will open the menu. select a tool by moving the right thumbstick. item will be selected when the thumbstick is centred again.
click left thumbstick again or the b button will close the wheel without making a selection.


  • will adjust to the number of tools in your inventory
  • works with mouse+keyboard and controller
  • rebind the key
  • left or right stick to select
  • configurable what counts as a tool (specifically horse flute)
  • configure whether to hold down the menu key(only keyboard binding)
  • configure swap style(swap item in inventory vs changing active Hotbar to tool position)
Planned features
  • vertical selection
  • blacklist
  • sound config
  • if you feel like having a suggestion or found a bug let me know.

Known Issues

  • have not tested with every item that is considered a tool, so some might not draw in the selection wheel. (name should still be displayed) very generic draw method has been implemented and this shall never be a problem.
  • potential conflict with mods that also use the left thumbstick to trigger a menu
  • you tell me


  • bblueberry, SwiftSails, Bifi and shekurika for advising on the SDV Discord thx a bunch!

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