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This mod is a continuation of Grandfather's Gift Remade. The mod itself adds some additional item(s) that your grandfather left you to help you on the farm!

Permissions and credits
The mod is meant for use on a fresh save.

It gives you an Elf Dagger on the 2nd Day of Spring, in Year 1 and a chest that the dagger was stored in to help make early game combat a bit less stressful.

This mod is a continuation of Grandfather's Gift Remade with direct permission from Pepoluan.

Grandfather's gift was directly inspired by Grandfather's Gift, but since that mod is not open source, Pepoluan had to totally remake it from scratch.

Only the ideas remain; the code, the logic, even the words, everything started in Pepoluan's diabolical mind (with great help from friends at The Stardew Valley Forums).

rikai's ideas, however, were shaped by the wonderful people in the mods channels of the Stardew Valley Discord and the depths of his insanity.

  • Stardew Valley 1.5 (latest)
  • SMAPI 3.0.0 or newer

Some config.json knobs to fine-tune the experience:
  • traceLogging - Set to false if you think the TRACE logging is too chatty, making it difficult to troubleshoot other mods.
  • directToChest - If false (default), the weapon will go into inventory, and only placed in the chest if the inventory is full.
  • triggerDay - The day when the mod will trigger. Limited to `2<=day<=28`. Season & year are locked to "spring" and 1, respectively.
  • weaponStats - You can modify the Elf Dagger stats here. Won't affect other weapons and/or events because, by default, you can NOT get the Elf Dagger.

Yes, however, files are not there yet. Feel free to write a translation of the default.json in the i18n directory and submit a pull request.

Also happy to accept pull requests that flesh out the implementation.

  • No known conflicts.

To Do / Future Plans?
  • More polish.
  • Instead of directly giving a chest, put a "package" with custom interaction (similar to the "starter parsnip" gift Lewis gives)
  • Colorificize the chest
  • Custom sprite for the Elf Dagger
  • Additional season support
  • And finally, if there's interest, additional gifts! (I'll need the When + Where + What)

Ping me (@rikai#6969) on the Stardew Valley Discord in one of the modding channels!

Source & Credits
  • Grandfather's Gift Remade is available on NexusMods here.
  • Grandfather's Heirlooms is available on Github here.