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Surely Grandpa did not bequeath JUST a farm? In fact, he did leave you something else...

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Sadly, I am no longer able to maintain this mod for various reasons. I recommend you check out rikai's "Grandfather's Heirlooms" instead. I have given them my express blessing to continue what I started here.

===== original description follows =====

This mod is inspired by Grandfather's Gift 1.0, but totally remade from scratch. No code is re-used, no text is re-used, only the concept & idea.

This mod is 100% Compatible with SDV 1.4.


So, finally after years of being a mere cog in a commerce machine, you had enough. You opened Grandpa's envelop, and decided to claim your inheritance and start a new life in a new place.

Such a beautiful place, kind and funny (if sometimes annoying) neighbors, fresh air, fresh water, and so on...

It's paradise.

Then night falls.

In addition to the usual "things that go bump in the night", you found ... Monsters! More Monsters!! EVEN MORE MONSTERS!!!

You barricaded yourself in the farmhouse, trying to hold back your tears...

Surely Grandpa didn't mean to trap you?

He didn't. He left you a gift.

What this Mod Does:

Gives you an Elf Dagger on the 2nd Day of Spring, in Year 1.

Oh, also gives you a chest to store the dagger in.

So, yeah, this mod is good for new players only.


  • Stardew Valley 1.4 (latest)
  • SMAPI 3.0.0 or newer

Internationalization Support?

YES! But the files are not there, yet. Feel free to write a translation of the default.json in the i18n directory and submit to me.

How to Install?

As usual:
  1. Make sure SMAPI is installed and running okay
  2. Download the .7z file in the "Files" section
  3. Extract its content into the "Mods" directory
  4. Done!


Yes, a few:
  • directToChest -- if "false" (the default), the weapon will go into inventory, and only placed in the chest if the inventory is full.
  • triggerDay -- if for some reason you want more days to cower in fear rather than raging back at the monster, change this. It's locked to 2 <= day <= 28
  • traceLogging -- if you think this mod is too chatty (hardly!), you can disable its Trace logging by setting this knob to false
  • weaponStats -- don't like the stats of the weapon? Give yourself a much more powerful one. You're a cheater, though...
  • (For explanation of the fields, please check this post on the SDV Forums. Start from field #2 from the list in that post.)


Should be compatible with practically every single mod out there. Even mods that imbibe your inventory to point of bursting. Because, unlike the original mod that inspired this, I left the weapon safely inside the chest, which is left on the floor.

To Do / Future Plans?

Yeah, I do have some plans to put more polish & finish to this mod.
  • Instead of directly giving a chest, put a "package" with custom interaction (similar to the "starter parsnip" gift Lewis gave)
  • Colorificize the chest
  • Custom sprite for the Elf Dagger
  • And finally, if there's interest, additional gifts, (I'll need the When + Where + What)

Other Things...


And no, I won't move it to GitHub. Don't ask, please.

Also, feel free to discuss about this mod in the Stardew Valley Forums: