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Adds pigeons and doves as farm animals.

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I didn't realise my farm needed pigeons before I saw Rangerkatt's amazing Pigeons and Doves Mod. So I made this BFAV version with their permission. This mod adds 6 types of pigeons as farm animals: regular pigeon, white dove, mourning dove, pioneer pigeon, racing pigeon and modena pigeon. They cost 5000g each and need a deluxe barn. They only lay (a lot of) small regular eggs, but there's a catch! One type of pigeon can bring you a valuable surprise gift when you achieve high enough friendship with them.

Again if somebody has any clue how to add custom sounds for the animals, please message me! I tried the owl sound which would have been okayish if not for the ambient wind in the clip.

For the new surprise item:


The coop from the pictures is from Hudson Valley Buildings!