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Adds a bunch of colorful Junimo plushies. They can also be rotated!

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Junimo Plushies Expanded

Wish there were more Junimo plushies, or that you could rotate them like other furniture? 
Well, problem solved! With this mod, you'll have 23 colorful Junimo plushies to display in your home, in both sizes!

Note: All plushies are available in Pierre's shop. Otherwise, you can spawn them directly by typing  dga_store  in the SMAPI console.
  There is also an Alternative Textures pack under "Optional Files". Note that the plushies in this pack cannot be rotated.
  Both packs can be used together.

- Be sure to have the latest version of SMAPI and Dynamic Game Assets installed
~ Also Alternative Textures for the pack under "Optional Files"
- Download this mod and unzip it to your mods folder (Stardew Valley/Mods)
~ Avoid using using mod managers, such as Vortex, for Stardew Valley mods. It tends to only complicate things.
- Run the game and enjoy!

2.1: Added a few more colors

2.0: 1. Converts everything over to DGA - Be sure to delete the previous version before updating and running your
game to avoid errors.

2. Added one more color

Bugs and Error Reporting:
If for any reason you have issues with this mod, please report them to the Bugs tab.

Special thanks:
CyanFire for their (DGA) More Junimo Plushies conversion, without which I never would have figured out DGA's json format.
Thank you!!