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Adds functional umbrellas to Stardew Valley, as well as an optional wetness/dryness system!

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This mod adds a brand new item to Stardew Valley: umbrellas! Currently, this mod adds 7 umbrellas of different colors to Stardew Valley, all of which can be purchased at the Hat Mouse shop. To hold an umbrella, simply have it selected in your inventory.

The list of umbrellas in the game are as follows:

This mod adds an optional wetness system which is disabled by default. I highly recommend you enable it though, as I've found it to be a fun mechanic!

The way this system works is that if the farmer is standing outside while it is raining and doesn't have an umbrella selected, after a short time (2 seconds), the farmer will become wet. This buff will slowly drain the stamina of the farmer (the rate at which stamina is drained can be changed). The only way to remove the wetness buff is to go back indoors or to equip an umbrella, both of which will remove the buff after 10 seconds.

Some of the hats in Stardew Valley will reduce the rate at which stamina is depleted when the farmer is wet. For example, the sou'wester hat will slow stamina drain by 50%.

The full list of hats which prevent stamina drain from wetness are as follows:

The Rain Coat will also give a 20% reduction to stamina drain, this effect stacks with hats, which means that wearing some rare hats plus the raincoat can make your farmer immune to wetness!

One further note, if wetness is enabled the farmer will receive a Tattered Umbrella in the mail from Lewis. This is so players starting out will still have something to protect themselves from the rain.

The wetness system can be enabled/disabled by setting "enableWetness" in the heysethUmbrellas/config.json file to "true" or "false". The rate at which stamina is drained when the player is wet can be changed by editing "staminaDrainRate". This value describes how much stamina to drain for every 10 minute of in-game time, decimals supported.

These settings can also be changed through Generic Mod Config Menu!

There are also two settings only editable in the config.json, these allow you to set up additional hats which will prevent stamina drain. Instructions below:

Huge thanks to the following people for making this mod possible:

Poltergeister for letting me use their awesome umbrella sprites from the Seasonal Outfits mod
Airyn for letting me use some of their umbrella recolors
MagnumNopus for several of the ideas implemented in this mod
Esca and AHilyard, both of whom's open source code I referenced when writing this mod
Platonymous, furyx639, PathosChild, bblueberry, Sakorona and many others from the #making-mods discord for helping me with modding questions
Spacechase for their excellent Json Assets framework
Gervig91 for help with the gif thumbnail

Because this mod redraws the arms of the farmer sprite, it is unfortunately NOT compatible with mods which modify the farmer body.
Multiplayer functionality is not yet implemented.

Integration with IllogicalMoodSwing's Rainy Day Clothing
Integration with Hope's Hats - Rain Hoods (unofficial update)

Not compatible with Get Glam currently

Source on Github!