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Adds the player's wedding anniversary and children's birthdays to the game calendar. View upcoming seasons on the calendar.

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Multiple Spouses compatibility: Calendar now shows anniversaries for all spouses with spouse name in brackets, as well as all of your children's birthdays (was previously only showing up to two children birthdays).

New optional feature:
View the next three seasons on the calendar. You can't look at previous months, those sheets are in the bin - quit living in the past!
- - -

This mod adds some extra dates to the game calendar.

Your wedding anniversary is marked in the same way that upcoming weddings are normally shown, with a mermaid pendant in the top-right corner.
Children and player birthdays are marked with a red party hat in the bottom-left corner.

It's okay if you are already married, the game has a record of when it happened.

 - Add any or all of the following dates to the game calendar:
  • Player's wedding anniversary
  • Player's children's birthdays
  • Player's birthday
 - Add arrows to the game calendar to see into the future! (optional)
 - Support for the 12 language options.
 - Log anniversary/birthday dates to the SMAPI console window when a save file is loaded.

 - Extract the folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods folder.

(You will need to run the game once for the config file to be created)
The config file contains the following options:
 - LogDatesToConsole : true / false
 - ShowAnniversaryOnCal : true / false
 - ShowChildrenBirthdaysOnCal : true / false
 - ShowPlayerBirthdaysOnCal : true / false(set this to true to see your birthday on the calendar & set your birthday using the following two options).
 - PlayerBirthdaySeason : use spring, summer, fall or winter
 - PlayerBirthdayDay : use a number from 1 to 28
 - FutureCalOn : true / false

 - Events & birthdays added by other mods may or may not show when viewing future seasons on the calendar. Birthdays added with the 'Happy Birthday' mod will currently only show for the current season.
 - Compatible with Multiple Spouses. However children's birthdays will show incorrectly and be lost if you set the ChildGrowthMultiplier to anything other than 1 in the Multiple Spouses config.

 - Uses Harmony.
 - If you use the player birthday feature, please note that it isn't linked to any save file so all your player farmers will have that birthday.
 - Children's birthdays are worked out from the child's age in days which is updated at the beginning of each day. If you make changes to the world date using mods the child's age probably won't get updated and their birthday will be wrong from then on.

** I used Google Translate to translate the message "Wedding Anniversary" into the other supported languages. Please let me know if any of these messages are incorrect. **