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Replace your Farm map with any custom map

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  • Use up to 3 ( you can change it easily )custom maps without changing the mods everytime
  • You can turn off with a few clicks
  • Easy to use

Config options

(Run the game once with SMAPI to generate config.json file then open it in Notepad or similar text-editing app to edit or use Generic Mod Config Menu to edit it)

"Enabled": "true" or "false"
> Turns mod on/off

"Farm Type": "Standard", "Foraging", "Fishing", "Mining", "Combat" or "FourCorners" ("Island" maps currently not working)
> Chooses which vanilla map to replace

(Change the map's name to "Farm_1.tbin", "Farm_2.tbin" or "Farm_3.tbin" and place it in to the "assets" folder)
"Map": "1" ,"2" or "3"
> chooses which custom map to use 


1. install SMAPI and Content Patcher then download this mod
2. download and extract the farm map that you want to use and place it in "[CP] CustomMapChanger\assets\" folder
3. run the game with SMAPI and set the config as you wish to use

The main files I was inspired from belongs to DaisyNiko