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Replace your Farm map with any custom map

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  • Use up to 3 ( you can change it easily )custom farms, caves, greenhouses without changing the mods everytime
  • You can turn off with a few clicks
  • Easy to use

Config options

(Run the game once with SMAPI to generate config.json file then open it in Notepad or similar text-editing app to edit or use Generic Mod Config Menu to edit it)
"Custom Map": "true" or "false"
"Custom Greenhouse": "true" or "false"
"Custom Farm Cave": "true" or "false"
> Turns the specific mod option on/off

"Farm Type": "Standard", "Foraging", "Fishing", "Mining", "Combat" or "FourCorners" ("Island" maps currently not working)
> Chooses which vanilla map to replace

(Change the map's name to "Farm_1.tbin","Farm_2.tbin" or "Farm_3.tbin" and place it in to the "assets" folder , IMPORTANT if your map has more files like png place that to the "assets" folder too
 Do the same with Greenhouse as "Ghouse_1.xnb" and the Farm Cave as "FarmCave_1.tbin")

"Map": "1" ,"2" or "3"
"Greenhouse": "1" ,"2" or "3"
"Farm Cave": "1" ,"2" or "3"
> chooses which custom map to use 


1. install SMAPI and Content Patcher then download this mod
2. download and extract the farm , cave and greenhouse that you want to use and place it in "[CP] CustomMapChanger\assets\" folder rename the asset as written above
3. run the game with SMAPI and set the config as you wish to use

The main files I was inspired from belongs to  DaisyNiko

Maps that I use as samples: 
Hot Spring Farm Cave
Capitalist Dream Farm
15 x 15 Greenhouse