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This mod simply contains a copy of the "Balanced Crafting" and "Harder Building Construction" options from Stardew Valley Expanded version 1.14.16 by FlashShifter

Permissions and credits
Please note that all content in this mod is written and created by FlashShifter as part of the Stardew Valley Expanded mod.  With their permission I have copied portions of it to allow them to be used as a standalone module.  


This mod simply contains a copy of the "Balanced Crafting" and "Harder Building Construction" options from Stardew Valley Expanded version 1.14.16
Together, these generally make many useful items & buildings require more resources and/or money to craft or build, with special attention to many high-performance items like Kegs or Iridium Sprinklers requiring more.  However, some underperforming items like default Sprinklers have cheaper recipes to encourage their use in exchange.  Overall this goes a long way to solving the "exponential snowball" of Year 1, and I appreciate how many repeating recipes requiring both more Wood and Hardwood make the Lumberjack profession more appealing.  The increased costs & recipes feel fair, as if correcting oversights, rather than introducing tedium for the sake of it.

The full changes can be seen in the content.json file, or compared with Vanilla at the SVE wiki pages for Balanced Crafting and for Harder Building Construction.

The goal of having these features as a standalone module is so that players who are not using SVE can still use these balancing features on their own, or in combination with other balancing mods such as my Better Balance mod.  If you already have Stardew Valley Expanded installed, there is no need for this mod.

Installation & Usage:
  • Install the latest version of SMAPI

  • Download the zipped file, and unzip its full contents into your Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.

The first time you run the game after installing this mod, it will generate a config.json file where you can choose to disable either the crafting recipe or construction cost portion of this mod, by setting one or both to "false".  By default both are set to "true," if both are set to "false" this mod should not do anything.  


As a relatively simple Content Patcher mod, this mod should be fairly compatible with many mods, so long as they don't also specifically attempt to alter the same crafting recipes in CraftingRecipes, or the same building construction costs in Blueprints.  Mods which change other things in those files should probably be fine, as far as I'm aware.  

An Android-compatible version is available in the Optional Files.

Special Thanks:

ConcernedApe, for making a game that has brought so many people together.

Pathoschild for creating the framework for someone like me to make a mod in the first place with Content Patcher, and all the other incredibly useful mods & tools they've made.

FlashShifter for all the work on Stardew Valley Expanded in general, and allowing this standalone version of Crafting & Construction from SVE to be available in particular.

The entire Stardew Valley modding, theorycrafting, and playing community for making so much information such as the wiki or community spreadsheets available to players and creators.