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A convenient way to collect coordinates for schedules and more.

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This is a modder's tool.  It has no use for people with no intention to mod Stardew Valley.
That being said.. This tool adds 2 commands to the console.  
addhere: This command gets the map name and the X, Y coordinates from where your farmer is standing.  It will save it in a list.
saveas: This command requires a parameter (saveas <filename>) using this will save the list of coordinates you have onto a text file in Stardew Valley/Coordinates/<filename>.txt

This update is a major update due to it's added use:
  • NPC Creator Integration: you can use the config.json in the mod to point the Position Tool to your NPC Creator Folder and It will send the coordinates there.
  • Three new commands: You can now use startmove to set your current standing area as the starting point of a movement.  Walk to your next spot and use finishmove <npc> and it will generate a useable movement command for events (example: finishmove Haley will cause it to generate move Haley X Y F).  You can then use savemove <filename> to save the movements you make into a text file and sent to a Movements folder in either the SDV folder or the NPC Creator (There is nothing implemented yet to use these in NPC Creator).
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