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A farm that provides more benefits as you progress in the game (i.e upgrade your tools)

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Five Fields Farm is a custom farm divided into five sections, four of which are blocked off until the player upgrades their tools.
  • The first field, to the left of the farmhouse, is accessible immediately. It is, however, rather packed with debris. Space will be very limited if you're playing multiplayer with cabins. Your starting water source will be the water trough at the front of the farmhouse. Yes, the small grass patches ARE tillable!
  • The second field, south of the farmhouse, is accessible after unlocking the Copper Axe. This will also make fishing on the farm viable; you can get iridium-quality fish when you fish from the pier (assuming your fishing skills are good enough)
  • The third field, south of Grandpa's Shrine (where the river exits the cave) can be accessed with either a Steel Axe or a Steel Pickaxe and holds the initial Greenhouse location (though this can be moved with Robin's help). You will need both Steel tools to move freely through the area, however.
  • The fourth field, in the southeast corner of the farm, simply requires a Steel Pickaxe to enter. There's no gimmick here other than more farmland - though you can also do some fishing from here if you're so inclined.
  • The fifth and final field, in the southwest corner of the farm, will require both an Axe and a Pickaxe of Steel to enter. You will be rewarded with nice large clearing for farming, and on top of that, a small pond in which you can go swimming to restore your energy. This field was originally intended to be blocked by meteorites, but that seems to be beyond the capabilities of a simple map mod.
There's also a ridge through the middle of the farm to access the fields from, which will not spawn any debris; you won't find yourself putting in a tool for an upgrade only to find yourself stuck by unluckily having two rocks spawn and block your path (playtesting is important!)

The bridges in the screenshot are not included, and are not mine - but I highly recommend them:
Simple Bridge Mod by Toastshark
Simple Bridge Mod (ContentPatcher) by Toastshark+Warilized
Otherwise your bridges will be the default ones.

Other notes:
  • The lantern at the cave entrance will remain off during the day, and turn on at night!
  • Be careful if you're using removable bushes - some bushes are sneakily placed to cover up weird terrain transitions, like the side-paths off the middle ridge. This kind of stuff is also around in the base game. Similarly, the bushes at the swimming hole help guide the player into the triggers for the swimsuit change.
  • The intro cutscene works, the only issue is that Lewis will materialize out of nowhere instead of exiting the farmhouse, since it's a bit further back than usual.
  • Pre-made cabins will work fine in multiplayer; they will all spawn in the First Field area, nobody will be trapped. I would recommend the "spread out" option to give your group a bit more farming space than the "close by" option.

Five Fields farm replaces the Riverland farm. If you want it to replace a different farm, it is quite simple to do so; simply open the "content.json" file and find the line:
"Target": "Maps/Farm_Fishing",
And replace "Farm_Fishing" with your desired farm:
  • "Farm_Combat" (Wilderness farm)
  • "Farm_Mining" (Hilltop farm)
  • "Farm_Foraging" (Forest farm)
  • "Farm_FourCorners" (Four Corners farm)
  • "Farm_Island" (Beach farm)
  • "Farm" (Standard farm)
Please note that I have not tested the farm as a replacement for other map types, there may be unforseen consequences.

To install, simply extract the folder into your Mods folder in your Stardew Valley installation. You will need SMAPI and Content Patcher installed already, so hopefully you'll already have an idea what you're doing.

I have done a decent chunk of testing on this map and I think I have addressed any major issues, but if you find any please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it! I will be continuing a playthrough using it myself, but my time is somewhat limited so I may not find any bugs as fast as others may.