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Warilized and Toastshark

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More Coordinated Bridges! No more frail looking plank!

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"Hey, that bridge looks dangerous" you said? Fret not! "Simple Bridge Mod" to the rescue!

With the latest technology of woodworking and bridge designing, we can replace your poor looking plank bridge with the one we choose!

About this mod:
This is a bridge replacer/retexture mod. It replaces bridge sprites on {{season}}_outdoorsTileSheet.xnb. with neat looking ones!
This mods loads .png and .xnb, some issue may happen if both file are present.

Be aware that .png version only accept individual sprite, meaning spritesheet straight from .xnb file is not supported and may glitch.

This mod is basically a CP version of this mod.

  1. First, you need to have Content Patcher and SMAPI, or else this mod is useless.
  2. Unzip this mod to "Mods" folder.
  3. Done

  1. Delete the mod.
  2. Done.

This Mod Contains:
  • Bridges from this mod by Toastshark.
  • Freely to use Content Patcher script (content.json). Credit is not necessary appreciated.

Optional Files:

Adding Bridge Spritesheet/Sprite File:

  1. Download a mod that change the bridge if you haven't already. I recommend bridge in the recommended section.
  2. Place the file (.xnb or .png) in the "assets" folder of this mod. Choose only one file type.
  3. Done.

Making/Editing Bridge Sprite):
  1. Just edit the files in the assets as template/reference.
  2. Done. You can upload it anywhere with the loader.

This mod comes with 1 configuration: "XNB Over PNG", pretty self explanatory. The mod will only load XNB tilesheet rather than PNG tiles if set to "true".

Planned Updates:
  • TBD.

  • I'm not taking any request to patch this mod texture to match any retexture someone had done, except if I like it or use it.
  • If both file types (XNB and PNG) are present, it may result in the mod breaking (I've not tested it yet).
  • Don't provide "{{season}}_outdoorsTileSheet.png", it will cause the texture not load correctly..

This mod is only available only on NexusMods or Playstarbound Forum (if available) under "Warilized" username.

Compatibility Issues:
  • Mods that replaces the same area in the "{{season}}_outdoorsTileSheet.xnb".

Recommended Bridges:


Change Log:
  • 2019/03/28 v1.0 is released (uploaded the mod).