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This mod changes Sebastian's Spouse Area to include a garage for his motorcycle that has minor seasonal changes.

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If you marry Sebastian, he gushes about how much his life has improved. His own space, more freedom, love, respect. But this belies a hidden defect in the beautiful façade of his married life. A tale of neglect, of regression. Robin's house may have been full of unpleasant memories for Sebastian, but it had one thing he could never get on the farm - until now.

A garage.

Sebastian's beloved motorcycle, literally the vehicle of his romance, his stalwart steed, his symbol of freedom, languishes out in the open once he is married. Coated in pollen in the spring, drenched in summer thunderstorms, vulnerable to falling autumnal pinecones, buried under winter blizzards. And Sebastian says nothing, acts as though it's all fine. But it's not fine. That bike deserves better.

So now, I present the option to rectify this architectural and spiritual failure. I give you:

Sebastian's Garage

The actual art for the garage itself, as you may have noticed, is largely lifted from Pathoschild's Tractor Mod, although I recolored the roof to match the building mods I use (Lumisteria's lilac custom buildings) - along with some other recolors now - and added some minor seasonal touches. The art also needed to be tweaked in several ways to make it truly "fit" in the spouse patio area and so Sebastian's bike actually fits in there (and so Sebastian himself looks right when he's actually out there working on the bike).

If anyone would like to take what I've done and make their own version, that's fine (again, the garage assets aren't mine anyway, the bike is ConcernedApe's, so the only thing I really did was mush them together, add the seasonal clutter, and then write the content file).

And if you take a look at the guts of the mod and are like, "Whoa. This content file seems way more complicated than it should be!" Well, you're right, but trust me, there's a reason it ended up like that. I did try it the easy way first. Maybe someone else can take my idea and rewrite it to be less hacky and I am A-OK with that as well.

So anyway, this is a Custom Spouse Patio mod by aedenthorn, so of course that is required and my mod will not work without it. It also needs to be the most recent version, since the seasonal changes were recently added. And of course, SMAPI.

This mod, in its current form, will only work with farm maps that do not change the location/function of the edited tiles on/near the Spouse Patio location. It is known that it does not work with the SVE custom map, Grandpa's Farm, and probably won't work with most others. Sorry about that!