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Replace the classic house and some farm buildings, with a config file for more option. Use content patcher.
With seasonal option, flower pots and more. Now supports mask.

Permissions and credits
This mod change the appearance of the house and some farm buildings. There is no gameplay implication, just graphical change.

Supports for 1.5 :
- Greenhouse's back.
- Masks for painting (new 1.5 feature) are supported. Should be the case for all buildings that supports currently the feature in vanilla. Let me know if something is missing.
- Added a "white" option for coop and stable. This is intended as a test to see if white base is interesting for painting.
- Two new options for silo : farmstyle and fishstyle. They are in the same style than other buildings using these option. Thanks Corrin for the idea for the fishstyle Silo !!


Seasonal options are finally here ! Enjoy overgrown vines, flower, fruits, petals in spring, leaves in fall, frost and snow in winter, and much more.

Each building has its own combination of the different seasonal options, and you can configure each of them to use only the effects you want. You can find details of the different options in the article section.

There is now support for Shane coop, cabins, fences, big sheds, mill and junimo hut, and more.

Let the junimo live in a more natural place...

Now even more option for coop, well, greenhouse.

Highly configurable ! You can disable each building, and disable the seasonal options you don't like. Make your own combo, use it with other buildings mods !

Some screenshots are also using More Flowery Grass, i suggest it for even more flowers

You like my mods ? Consider offering me a coffee : ! :)

The update adds options for obelisks : two options to choose : garden and glass.

The garden are small and perfect as decorations.

The glass obelisk are actual obelisk, perfect for a magic feeling without being too big.

Note : there are a lot of great content packs for building and you may want to use this mod with others. Remember that most of the options can be disabled. The obelisks can be disabled by using the option "none", for example.

Example : desert obelisk use garden, water obelisk use glass, earth obelisk use none (disable my patch and will use whatever else you have, vanilla or modded).

Now with Content Patcher !
This mod is now merged with my old building mod.
You can choose different options for each building supported by the mod.
Some of the old options were removed, either because of lack of time or because i wasn't satisfied by them.

Options :

House : farmstyle, minestyle, beachstyle, or recolor. In recolor, you can choose :
- roof color (basic, darkbrown, gold, green, peach, purple)
- wall color (basic, beige, darkblue, darkbrown, darkred, taupe)
- style of wall (1, 2, 3)
- style of roof (A, B)

You have all the old color options but can now mix them like you want.

Greenhouse : default, artnouveau or none
Greenhouse frame recolor : greenmetal or none

(example of greenhouse using both the artnouveau style and the greenmetal frame style)

Coop, Barn and Stable :
Color of roof : darkbrown, gold, green, peach, purple, red, none

Shed :
farmstyle, fishstyle, minestyle, darkbrown, gold, green, peach, purple, red, none

Silo :
darkbrown, darkbrownB, gold, goldB, green, greenB, peach, peachB, purple, purpleB, red, redB, none

SlimeHutch :
01, darkbrown, darkbrownB, gold, goldB, green, greenB, peach, peachB, purple, purpleB, red, redB, none

Well :
01, 02, 03, 04, darkbrown, darkbrownB, gold, goldB, green, greenB, peach, peachB, purple, purpleB, red, redB, none

When an option "none" is provided, it will disable the building when used, allowing you to use vanilla building appearance or another mod appearance if you prefer.
If you don't know what is the look of one of the style or recolor, you can see the images themselves in the mod folder (another reason to prefer Content Patcher)

Installation :
Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
Extract this mod into the \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
Run the game once to create the config file.