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A colonial revival-style replacement for the Farm House, Barn, Big Barn, Deluxe Barn, Coop, Big Coop, and Deluxe Coop.

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I upload my mods ONLY on 
DO NOT reupload them elsewhere without permission please!


This mod replaces the farm buildings in a colonial revival-style.
I'm working on replacing all buildings (farm and town) eventually.

(Note: The drive I had the files for this saved to died so I lost everything but the .png files (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )
I'm going to keep working on this mod when I can, but without the original files I'll probably have to remake it from scratch. I'm just starting uni so I probably won't be able to work on this often.)


This mod includes:

Farmhouse, Barn, Big Barn, Deluxe Barn, Coop, Big Coop, Deluxe Coop
(Vine version only ATM, due to loss of original files.)

Non-vine version is only the farmhouse.

Future updates:

Greenhouse, Mill, Stable, Well, Silo
Log Cabin, Plank Cabin, Stone Cabin
Desert Obelisk, Earth Obelisk, Water Obelisk
Shed, Slime Hutch, Gold Clock



Make sure you have Content Patcher and SMAPI installed.

1. Choose your version. Only download one file!
Unzip the folder, do not extract the files.
3. Move/paste to your Stardew Valley\Mods folder.


Recommended Mods:

Rustic Country Town Interior by DustBeauty
Rustic Country Walls and Floors by DustBeauty
Industrial Furniture Set by DustBeauty
Seasonal Fences by DustBeauty
Mi's and Magimatica Country Furniture by Campanulamis
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Rose's Craftables by Roserish
Eemie's Just A New Map Recolor by eemiestardew
A Toned down Stardew Valley by minervamaga

I personally use a lot more but I recommend these the most to fit the aesthetic.


Made with assets from:

Deck and brick textures + plants and furniture by DustBeauty (from Rustic Country Walls and Floors and Industrial Furniture Set.)

Plant and furniture decorations by Campanulamis (from Mi's and Magimatica Country Furniture and Elegant Victorian Interior.)

(Note: I have permission to use DustBeauty's assets, but Campanulamis hasn't gotten back to me, and it's been months. If they have an issue with me using their assets then I'll gladly follow their wishes.)