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Allows the Skull Cavern difficulty to be toggled after the Skull Cavern Invasion challenge is completed

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Skull Cavern Toggle

This mod allows the Skull cavern difficulty to be toggled between the harder version and the normal version after the Skull Cavern Invasion challenge has been completed, similar to how the mine difficulty can be changed at the Shrine of Challenge.

Difficulty won't toggle when the Skull Cavern Invasion challenge is an active quest to prevent issues.

The change is immediate, and applies to everyone in multiplayer (If you are in the Skull Caverns the next floor encountered will be the new difficulty)

The default key to toggle the difficulty is z, this can be configured in the config file which generates after the game is run once.

The optional file allows the difficulty to be toggled anytime, without needing to complete the Skull Cavern Invasion challenge beforehand.

This mod requires SMAPI 3.9 or above to be installed.

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