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Replaces the original Stardew Valley Music with Re-Orchestrated Music. Completly recorded with realistic instruments instead of the original MIDI sounds.

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Hi this is my first mod.
I always loved the Stardew Valley Soundtrack.
But also wondered:

"What would it sound like, if it would've been recorded with actual or at least realistic instruments?"

So I just made it a thing.

This Mod is still a WIP
Currently pc only. 

I'll try to cover as many songs as possible. 

I re-orchestrate every song by hand and try to keep it as realistic as possible, also in terms of playability, all whilst sticking to the original songs as much as possible. That means some parts of some songs have to be completely re-written by me. This takes time, so please bear with me :).
RN I'm working on the Overture. The song is about 30% finished, so I still need a bit before I can release it.
I'd also like to release a new Update once I have at least 3 more Songs done.


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Download the latest version of Custom Music and and all of its required components, place the contents of the
  3. ZIP Files in your newly added Stardew Valley/Mods inside the base folder of Stardew Valley
  4. Download my mod, unpack and put the folder inside the "Mods" folder aswell
  5. ???
  6. Profit

Dont simply override the mod.
First delete it, and then proceed as written under "Installation".

You don't like my mod?
Tell me in the comment section about it!

Still want to uninstall it?
Go to
Stardew Valley/mods and simply delete the mod folder.
You will from now on hear the default music again.

Future Plans:
Cover all SDV Songs (first goal)
Maybe Cover Stardew Valley Expanded as well. (really just maybe, we'll see).