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Makes it possible to date and marry Jodi.

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This mod makes it possible to date and marry Jodi. This includes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14 heart events, marriage dialogue, a spouse room, and slight adjustments to existing content when necessary.

This mod is sort of incompatible with portrait mods that affect Jodi, since I had to move one of her portraits to another spot because it occupied the space for the romantic portrait. If you still try to use one results may vary depending on the mod you're using.
This also means that any dialogue expansion mod that uses the specific portrait will have her blush instead if you have this mod installed. This might be fixable on my part, so if you notice this issue you can certainly tell me and I might take a look.

This mod is compatible with:
MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship Response by MissCoriel
Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion by gizzymo

As far as I could tell there was no incompatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded in the first place, but if you notice anything strange while using both mods together please tell me.
There is a known incompatibility with SVE for the 6 Heart Event, since the park has been restructured in that mod. I'll see what I can do, but in the meantime I recommend installing the "Noclip Mode" mod, which should at least allow the event to finish, even if it may look a little weird.

Heart Event requirements:

2 Hearts: Jodi and Vincent must be in town, any time

4 Hearts: Jodi must be home, any time

6 Hearts: Jodi must be in town, only in winter, any time

8 Hearts: Jodi and Caroline must be in Pierre's shop, any time

10 Hearts: Enter the mountains between 8 pm and Midnight after receiving Jodi's letter. (This event is not skippable because of something outside of my control)

14 Hearts: Enter your farmhouse between noon and 6 pm. While you have 14 Hearts with Jodi she also gets some extra dialogue options with gifts for you

A bonus 6 Heart Event for Kent. You must be married to Jodi and Kent must be home.