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A conversion mod that replaces ALL Yoba symbols and dialogue with Christian ones. Also (optionally) changes the Wizard into a friendly Christian Hermit!

Permissions and credits

Welcome to the Christian 'Conversion Mod' (pun intended)! This mod converts all 'signs of the vessel' into Christian crosses, and changes all dialogue in the game referring to 'Yoba' to instead refer to God or Jesus. The Wizard has also been changed into a friendly Christian Hermit (including a revamp of all dialogue including quests and events)!

Note: If you are only interested in part of the mod (e.g. If you'd like to see Christian symbols but not the Hermit or dialogue changes, or perhaps if you just want to see what the game is like with a Hermit instead of a Wizard but don't care about anything else), you can select which parts you would like in the config file - all other game elements will remain the same.

Detailed Changes
  • The Wizard has been changed into a friendly Christian Hermit! The Hermit has all the same quests and similar dialogue, but is now much more polite and, of course, not a practitioner of 'arcane magic' but instead a humble researcher and monk. The Witch storyline has been kept largely intact but with some minor edits.
  • The shrine in Pierre's shop has been changed to a Christian 'Altar of Jesus Christ'.
  • The 'sign of the vessel' on Grandpa's wall in the intro video has been changed to a cross.
  • The 'Adventure bundle' logo has been changed.
  • Monster graves in Abigail's 14 heart event have been changed.
  • Grave decoration item has been changed.
  • Sign of the Vessel decoration has been changed.
  • Yoba Shirt has been changed into Jesus Shirt.
  • The sign in Harvey's clinic and the Mayor's house have been changed.
  • The gravestones in 'Journey of the Prairie King' have been changed.
  • The 'Ring of Yoba' has been renamed 'Ring of God's Refuge'.
  • All dialogue related to Yoba has been changed to reflect belief in the Christian God (dialogue has otherwise been left unchanged - for instance, Shane's cynical views about religion).
  • 'Highlights from the Book of Yoba' in the library has been changed to 'Highlights from the book of Genesis'.
  • (New in 1.0.3): Optionally change festival names to Christian holiday names (i.e. Christmas - including Christmas Trees - , Easter, Hallowe'en).
  • (New in 1.0.3): Changed the TV fortune teller to a prophet that predicts the behaviour of the Angels.
  • ...and more!

  • Download and install the prerequisite mods (SMAPI and Content Patcher).
  • Download the Christian Conversion Mod zip file.
  • Unzip the file in your Stardew Valley Mods folder.
  • (Optional) After running the game once with the mod installed, a "config" file will be created, allowing customization of which parts of the mod you would like to run. By default, all parts are set to "Yes".

Note: The mod should work with any other mods. If you use 'Seasonal Cute Characters' or similar you may need to modify that mod for the Hermit sprite/portrait to show up in your game.

Special Note
While it saddens me somewhat to feel the need to add this special statement, please understand the following: I find nothing particularly wrong with fictional religions and fully respect Ape's creativity - I just thought it would be neat if Pelican Town residents were Christians. I do not intend any ill will toward anyone who feels animosity towards the Christian faith, nor do I feel or promote hatred, exclusion, or disrespect to any individuals or groups of people. If you would rather not see any Christian symbols or dialogue in your game, please feel free to ignore this mod in favour of the many other amazing mods on this site that are more to your liking.

Use and Distribution
This mod has been created to be fully open to anyone that would like to make changes to it. Fully realizing that I am only at a beginner level in both modding and, especially, at any kind of art, if anybody wants to make improvements to any of the artwork or modding, please feel free! If you'd like, I will even include any changes that make sense in an update to this mod - or else you can upload your own mod based on this one.

To do
In future versions I am considering adding:
  • More dialogue with religious discussions; I believe this is a dimension that would be cool to have in the game and Ape has only scratched the surface on this aspect of villager life in the base game.
  • More frequent church attendance; now that the altar in Pierre's is a Christian one, it might be interesting to see more people make use of it.