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Construct "Fish Wells" which are 3x3 "Fish Ponds".

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Allows construction of a new farm building, the "Fish Well", which is a 3x3 version of the Fish Pond.

This is not a replacer; both structures can be constructed, and existing Fish Ponds will be unchanged. Also check out this cool reskin for Med

Fish Wells cost the same as Fish Ponds, but in exchange for the space efficiency, they work slower (configurable):
"FishWellsWorkSlower" (default true) - whether Fish Wells spawn and produce slower with variables below
"SlowSpawnSpeed" (default 0.65) - chance that any given day will count towards spawning a new fish
"SlowProduceSpeed" (default 0.65) - chance that any given day will attempt to create fish produce

Further available options :
"InstantConstruction" (default false) - remove construction time (ignore the minor graphical glitch during construction)
"WellPopulationCap" (default 10) - set a lower final population limit for Wells

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  • Fish Wells are saved as small Fish Ponds, so the mod can be removed freely without damage to your farm or assets. They should still be destroyed soon as they will look quite strange.