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Adds 18 iconic weapons from various other media, 12 weapons that used to belong to Pelican Town's bachelors, and 1 ultimate weapon called the Prismatic Blade. They can be found in the mines or purchased from either Marlon, Krobus, the Dwarf, the Traveling Merchant, and the Desert Trader.

Permissions and credits
The 18 weapons from other media can either be found in the mines from floor 80-120 or can be purchased from either Marlon's Shop, Krobus' Shop, or the Dwarf's Shop for 80000g. One random bachelor weapon will  be for sale with the Traveling Merchant each day she is present for 5000g. The Prismatic Blade can be purchased from the Desert Trader for 250000g and 3 Prismatic Shards. This mod requires Content Patcher, Json Assets, and Shop Tile Framework in order to run. Let me know if there are any additional weapons I should add in the future!

Weapons Added:

Marlon's Shop:
Jedi Lightsaber (Star Wars)
Blasphemy (Enter the Gungeon)
Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
Rasengan (Naruto)
Diamond Sword (Minecraft)
Energy Sword (Halo)

Krobus' Shop:
Sith Lightsaber (Star Wars)
Casey (Enter the Gungeon)
Buster Sword (Final Fantasy)
Kubikiribocho (Naruto)
Trident (Minecraft)
Gravity Hammer (Halo)

Dwarf's Shop:
Brave Blade (Final Fantasy)
Real Knife (Undertale)
Dragon Dagger (RuneScape)
Mjolnir (Thor/Marvel)
Invincible Hammer (Donkey Kong)
Master Sword (The Legend Of Zelda)

Desert Trader:
Prismatic Blade

Travelling Merchant:
Alex's Bat
Sam's Old Guitar
Harvey's Mallet
Maru's Wrench
Penny's Fryer
Seb's Lost Mace
Haley's Iron
Abby's Planchette
Elliott's Pencil
Leah's Whittler
Shane's Broken Bottle
Emily's Crochet Needle

Weapon Statistics: (Weapon Name/Weapon Type/Minimum Damage/Maximum Damage/Weight/Speed/Added Precision/Added Defense/Crit. Chance/Crit Multiplier)

Jedi Lightsaber/Sword/40/60/.8/12/5/0/.3/.3
Diamond Sword/Sword/60/80/.8/8/5/0/.2/4.5
Energy Sword/Sword/60/80/.8/8/5/0/.3/3
Sith Lightsaber/Sword/40/60/.8/12/5/0/.3/.3
Buster Sword/Sword/50/100/1.5/-4/5/5/.2/4.5
Gravity Hammer/Club/50/100/1.5/-4/5/5/.3/3
Brave Blade/Sword/60/90/.8/3/5/0.3/3
Real Knife/Sword/50/75/.8/3/5/0/.2/4.5
Dragon Dagger/Dagger/40/60/.8/12/5/5/.3/3
Invincible Hammer/Club/60/100/1.5/-4/5/0/.3/3
Master Sword/Sword/60/90/.8/3/5/0/.2/4.5
Prismatic Blade/Sword/120/150/1/8/5/5/.3/5
Alex's Bat/Club/25/35/1/-8/0/0/.02/3
Sam's Old Guitar/Club/25/35/1/-8/0/0/.03/2
Harvey's Mallet/Club/25/30/1/-4/0/0/.03/2
Maru's Wrench/Club/25/30/1/-4/0/0/.02/3
Penny's Fryer/Club/25/30/1/-4/0/0/.01/6
Seb's Lost Mace/Club/25/35/1/-8/0/0/.02/3
Haley's Iron/Sword/24/32/1/3/0/0/.02/3
Abby's Planchette/Dagger/18/24/.5/3/0/0/.02/3
Elliott's Pencil/Dagger/15/20/.5/8/0/0/1/-1/-1/0/.02/3
Leah's Whittler/Dagger/18/24/.5/3/0/0/.03/2
Shane's Broken Bottle/15/20/.5/8/0/0/.02/3
Emily's Crochet Needle/18/24/1/3/0/0/.03/2