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19062scott -large edits- Lark the Brave -base mod-

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REBOOT of larks 1.0 xnb stardew version
v1.4.1 Works for stardew version 1.4.5
Content Patcher version
Update's: 1.4.1 official update for all languages
All grass and dirt types from the Original ALYSD mod

Permissions and credits
(Current page and info is still being worked on but can download the mod still)

Content Patcher version of my update of Lark the Braves 1.0 version includes "Light - Medium & Dark dirt with 4 different shades of grass" for Stardew Valley version 1.4.x supports all in-game Languages

if you don't use content patcher or SMAPI then go here --> ALYSD no SMAPI version discontinued <-- for a xnb version that copys over main game files.

The no SMAPI version or xnb will be updated to 1.3 then most farther fixes will be only big texture bug fixes as will be working on this version as is easier to fix bugs. Will be updating [s]both]/s] for 1.4.x if i can get the time
xnb Discontinued

For update info check the first sticky post for changes and other info on what I'm working on and current news of mods process 

Following languages are included: English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese ===== Should new system pan out will be a better all in one
3 Dirt types Light, Medium, and Dark. Along with 4 grass types Original, Grass 1, Grass 2, and Grass 3

How to Install:
(I) Download SMPAI and install
(II) Download Content Patcher and install

(1) Download this mod
(2) Open zip file
(3) Open the Light Dirt, Medium Dirt or Dark Dirt folder (included encase i make all 3 dirt's in one)
(4) Pick a grass type and drag or copy and paste into mods folder (don't open the file like before)
(5) Start up the game and should see in-game the changes

To delete:
(1) Delete the file from mods
(2) done its gone start up and play

If you use other content packs like worm replacement let me know if they work for you as this loads the whole file so covers everything (NEW LAYOUT DOES NOT) cursor file is now only the effected areas
Report any bugs in the comments or bug reports
Bug layout: version (include language) / grass type / what season or all / farm type / location and detail / SMAPI Log in a spoiler if not a texture bug
exp. 1.3.0-M(all)/ grass 1 / all seasons / hilltop farm / the quarry on the hilltop farm is bugged *fixed long ago just exp.*