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[Easy Mode Store]

Easy-mode store mod for Stardew Valley. Adds difficult-to-get things to Pierre's store, at affordable prices.

If you have any questions, comments, improvements, bugs, suggestions, etc. please contact me at the project GitHub repo:


Requires the Shop Tile Framework mod ( and all transitive dependencies / related mods (Json Assets, etc.)


Simply download and unzip the mod to your `Mods` directory and you're good to go


If you wish to add your own items to the store, open up "shops.json". Simply copy/paste the second-last item to make a new item. The fields are self-explanatory:

- ItemNames: specifies the in-game name of the item (in square brackets)
- StockPrice: the price (in gold) for the item
- Stock: how many of that item Pierre has, per-day

If you're interested in more complex configuration, check the Shop Tile Framework readme.