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The most Advanced Sit mod out there!!

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(It seems I'm not the only one with this Idea, so I took extra time to make this more functional)
Sit N' Relax is a simple mod that detects when you are sitting..
Afterwards, every 6 seconds the mod will check your stamina.  If you're not at max Stamina, you will get 4 Stamina back until you're at max.  If you are at max, the mod then Checks your Health.  If you're not at max health, you will receive 4 HP every 6 seconds until you are at max.
Complete with a message to let you know you're relaxing in your seat for immersive purposes. <3
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Added Extended Rest State!  After a certain amount of time, the farmer rests even more and slowly gains a bonus multiplier!  You can gain up to 5x the stamina/heath while sitting.  Extended Rest is configurable in the config.json
Added multiple messages that are chosen randomly... change them in the new config.json
- Added sit damage penalty..  If you sit somewhere and take damage you will receive 1.5x the damage!
- Splitscreen works now!
- Added in a check to see if you're in a menu.  You can no longer regenerate health by stopping time in a menu.
Customize the regeneration rate (how many seconds per regen tick)
- Customize the amount of stamina given per tick.
- Customize the amount of health given per tick.
- Customize the message when sitting(Note:  You only adjust the end.. the name will always be at the front. So make sentences like this: "takes a well deserved seat."}

This mod requires SMAPI to run.  Be sure to have the latest version!!

Place this mod in the Mods folder and start your game.  It will be active as soon as you start.  It should work locally so multiplayer might not be a problem (need testers)