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If you want to see demanding shipping menu, you can see this in game menu and shipping bin. You can submit goods according to the demands. If you complete the rows, you can receive the bonus and gift at the end of day.

Permissions and credits
Pickle, Jelly, Juice, Wine, Roe, Aged roe, and Honey are affected by the base. For Example, If one of the demands is Parsnip, you can submit Parsnip Pickle and Parnip Juice. 

Description of config.json

- BasicCrateIncome : one crate income when your farmer level is 0. (Default : 250 gold)

- CrateIncomePerFarmerLevel : one crate income increasing per farmer level. In game, crate income is from 250 gold to 1000 gold because the maximum of farmer level is 25. (Default : 30 gold/level)

- MaxQuantity : the maximum of the crate quantity  (Default : 20)

- MinQuantity : the minimum of the crate quantity (Default : 1)

- RerollChance : If you don't like demands, you can re-roll. (Default : Twice)

- Bonus : If you finish each row, you can get a bonus. (Default : 5%, 10%, 10% )

- EnableGiftAtFullLoad : If this is true, you can get a gift when you complete all the rows. (Default : true)

- GiftList : when you complete all the rows ans EnableGiftAtFullLoad is true, you can get one of these. (Default : Prismatic Shard, Iridium Bar, Radioactive Bar, Golden Pumpkin, Treasure Chest)

- ReplaceShippingBinMenu : If this is true, you can see the mod menu when you open the shipping bin. If there is a mode conflict, it is recommended to turn it off. (Default : true)

- Categories : category indexes to select demands
(Default : Vegetable, Fruit, Flower, Forage, Fish, Animal product, Artisan good, Gem, Metal, and Syrup)
(Reference :

- WithObjects : object indexes to be added separately (Default : none)
(Reference :

- WithoutObjects : object indexes to be removed (Default : Coal, Ores, Sap, Cinder Shard, Bone Fragment, Legendary Fishes, Qi Fruit)
(Reference :

- ConditionObjects : object indexes to be added separately when precondition is true. Check config.json of in file (Dfault : None)
(Reference :
(Reference :
     - expand option : 
       * "skill <name> <number>" : Current player has <name> skill at least <number> level .  
                                       <name> : farming, foraging, fishing, mining, combat
                                       i.e. "skill farming 4", "skill foraging 3 fishing 6"

        * "level <number>" : Current player has farmer level at least <number> level
                                       i.e. "level 20"
                                      (Reference :

        * "farmhouse <number>" : the FarmHouse has been upgraded at least <number>
                                       i.e. "farmhouse 2"

        * "recipe <category name> <recipe name>" : Current player has recipe.
                                      <category name> : crafting, cooking
                                       i.e. "recipe crafting Preserves_Jar" "recipe cooking Lucky_Lunch"
                                       (Reference :

        * "building <building name>" : The Farm has the specific building.
                                       i.e. "building Coop", "building Mill", "building Deluxe_Coop Deluxe_Barn"

        * "collection <category name> <object index> <count>" : Current player shiped the shipables , finded the arifact and mineral, caught the fish, and cooked the dish at least <count>
                                       <category name> : shipped, archFound, fishCaught, mineralFound, cooked
                                       i.e. "collection archFound 107 1"