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A gentler version of the tomato event, with a satisfying resolution.

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Demetrius seeks to know the answer, once and for all, to one of the most fraught discussions of the century: what is a fruit, anyway?

Through this philosophical journey, Demetrius and Robin will grow to understand each other better, ultimately leading to their reconciliation and the strengthening of their relationship. Of course, this is a tumultuous time in their marriage, and they react accordingly by utilizing all of their face muscles to express their deepest emotions.

I hope you enjoy my mod about tomatoes.

Robin and Demetrius use emotive portraits, instead of using the default portrait for the entire event.
Demetrius doesn't talk down to Robin.
You get to be a smarty-pants know-it-all.
In the end, Demetrius agrees to get Robin some actual fruit. Lady was trying to make a fruit salad and she deserves her fruit, dang it!

If you'd like to see the full dialogue, it can be found below.

Robin: Demetrius, I didn't tell you to get tomatoes. I said to get fruit.
Demetrius: I don't understand. Tomatoes are fruits!
Robin: When people say they want fruit, they don't mean tomatoes. It doesn't matter what the scientific classification is.
Demetrius: [Player]! I'm glad you're here. You'll be able to help me understand this.

What is the definition of a fruit, if not a scientific term?

> I'm not sure. Maybe you should ask Gus?
>> Demetrius: Oh, I thought you'd be the kind of person to know...

> It's a sweet, sugary plant! The kind you'd put in a fruit salad or a pie.
>> Demetrius: I see! I can work with that definition.

Demetrius: I'm sorry I didn't understand you, Robin.
Demetrius: It's hard for me to know exactly what assumptions I should make when someone tells me something.
Demetrius: But I'm going to keep trying to understand it. I'll head back to the market and get something else for you.
Demetrius: Thanks for your help, [Player].


The cover photo is from here.