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This is a translation of firecherno's NPC Belos! The other translation was hard for me to understand so I went and translated the original mod from Chinese myself. I did my best but please feel free to let me know if you find any issues! I'll be editing it and revising it later this month if things go according to plan.

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Hi! This is an alternative translation of the NCP Belos mod by firecherno. The other english version that is up was hard for me to understand, so I translated the original files from Chinese to English myself. I study Chinese so this is as accurate to the original version as I can have it be with my skill level. I will be updating and revising it when I can, if you notice any typos or have any errors, please let me know!

Copied from firecherno's original description:

Belos is a dog who doesn't know why he can be human, but he's disgusted with humans for a number of reasons. So he ran deep into the
forest where a tree trunk stopped him. Then one day, you break through
the wood blocking the entrance, alarming Belos, who's been invaded by
humans, and he's got something on you ever since. But it was just one
small move that sent this stupid dog tumbling down. Gradually he opened
up to you, opened up to you about the past, and told you why he was so
anti-human... After all, he still wants to be your canine boyfriend.

Belos usually stays in the Woods and won't leave it until you cut down the
wood at the entrance and meet him for the first time. After you meet,
he'll be hanging out in the Forest and the Town.

Favorite: Ruby, bone flute, spicy eel, ice cream, rainbow shell.
Likes: gemstones, fish, shellfish, fruits, Chewing Stick.
Don't like: cave carrot,Radish.
Hate: Garlic.

0 Heart Events: The farmer's first visit to the Woods.
2 heart events: rainy day, 6 in the morning to 12 at noon to come to the Forest.
4 Heart events: sunny days come to Town.
6 Heart events: sunny days, 8 o 'clock to 6 o 'clock in the evening came to Town.
8 Heart events: Arrive at the Beach from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
10 Heart events: After receiving your letter from Belos, come into the Forest from 6 to 0 in the evening, sunny days.
14 Heart events: on the 20th of winter, sunny days, come to Town from 8am to 12am.

Hi! I'm firecherno, and this is the first NPC I've ever made, a dog named Belos. Thank you for downloading him! > <
Because it was the first NPC I made, there were a lot of bumps in the middle
(...) Fortunately, we've done the whole thing in the end. 178 sentences
in total (yes, I was lazy), 7 events, plus 6 CG. But there are a lot of
regrets, because the first time not very good at making maps, so Belos
does not have a house of his own and usually stayed in the Woods. In
addition, the journey is relatively monotonous. Although I am poor at
making up stories and shaping people (as well as drawing), Belos is a
really good dog and I hope you like him!! T TTTT
I have no problem with the festival coordinates of Belos, but I do not exclude some bugs
caused by conflicts with other Custom NPC of your own. If this happens,
please change it yourself! In addition, it is recommended to play with
the default view of the game. Zooming in or out may affect the viewing
of the event experience.
The first time I make an NPC,there  will inevitably have a missing place, if found any bugs tell me, I will try
to get rid of (?)
Thanks again, hope you like him ~
(Finally, my English is really poor, and I have been using mechanical translation. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience! T T)