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Your children are now delivered by Pelican no matter your gender. No more forcing gay couples into adoption. Everyone gets the same treatment, making it more trans-friendly as well !

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Requires content patcher and SMAPI (see above)

A nice commenter told me there's another interesting mod to let everyone bypass adoption, it is called Pregnancy Roles and is likely to work better than my thing so I urge you to check it out if you're not that interested in the whole mystical pelican thing ! Hopefully this will help people in need finding that mod better (since we obviously hadn't – despite a lot of research – before trying to make our own mod)

Hello everyone.
I made this mod with my limited coding ability to bring in a few little dialogue modifications to this lovely game in order to tackle, as simply as I could, two specific social issues at the same time :

  • It has been brought to my attention that an increasing number of adopted people are trying to raise awareness on issues with the current system. From what I gathered, the way it is actually done in most countries is deshumanizing to them, reducing kids as a mere commodity for some privileged adults to acquire. You should look it up because despite them speaking up on this subject it still goes largely unaddressed in the mainstream public debate.
  • In this game, all gay couples are forced to adopt, which is a cisgender-centric paradigm and can be harmful to some transgender people ! I actually started making this mod for one of them. :)

Since pregnancies and adoptions aren't that different in this game except for a few sentences, I decided to blur that difference entirely by having the children be delivered by pelican for everyone instead ! You can decide whether this is a sugar-coating for childbirth (like the irl stork myth) or an actual mystical pelican !

Why go this far for such an unassuming 4-sentences event ? This simple tweak makes the game safer for both adopted people and queer transgender people who would feel uncomfortable with this small but still very significant life milestone ! If you stumbled on my contribution by accident you might not understand the importance of this but gaming should be for everyone, even moreso when we're talking about such a relaxing cozy game. Everyone deserves relaxing cozy.

Have a sweet day

Note: you can check whether the mods is properly installed in your game by building a cabin at robin's. I added an "All done!" bit at the beginning of her dialogue stating that they are conveniently pre-fabricated. Then you can exit the game without saving and restart that day if you wish. If you're using other dialogue mods there is some chance of them to conflict with one another since some of the files I'm replacing for the tweaks are pretty big.