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A translation of the lovely firecheron's Custom NPC Mod! Adds a new character, OpenFire, to the game!

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UPDATE! Marriage Dialogue should be working now, thanks so much to ShinreiKitsune for showing me how to fix it

Hello! So, I took the time to fully translate the OpenFire and Belos mods from firecheron, here's the OpenFire one! This translation may not be 100% accurate but it does include edits so it makes more sense in English while sticking as close to the character's original personality as possible.

Warnings: Swearing and occasional suggestive content

The following was copy and pasted from the original mod;

      OpenFire is the devil you pick up in the town, good intention to save him down, but the result was swallowed by the soul forced to
establish a contract - when you are in danger of life, openFire must
save you out of danger to break the contract. And now you've got a
stalker demon behind you who's been waiting for you... This thought that
the matter is here, did not expect to follow the openFire and there is a
dangerous person, a real hope that you have an accident guy?

      OpenFire lives in the Mine. You can't interact with him for the first
four days. On the fifth day, you can see him after the road to the Mine
is cleared.

      Love:Fire Quartz、Bread、Chocolate Cake、Pink Cake、Rhubarb Pie、Eggplant Parmesan、Rice Pudding、Ice
Cream、Blueberry Tart、Plum Pudding、Fruit Salad、Blackberry
Cobbler、Cranberry Candy、Bruschetta。
      Like:Gemstone, Food, Monster products, Fruits, Weapons。
      Dislike:Frozen Tear、Fried Calamari、Carp Surprise、Salmon Dinner、Trout
Soup、Fried Eel、Spicy Eel、Sashimi、Maki Roll、Radish、Fish Stew。
      Hate:Fish、Vegetables、Insect Head、Trilobite、Bug Meat。

      0 Heart events: sunny day, 9 PM to 0 PM to go to town.
2 heart events: have seen 0 heart events, sunny day, 6 AM to 6  PM to go to the Forest.
4 heart events: have seen 2 heart events, sunny day, 7 PM to 11 PM to go to Town.
6 heart events 1: have seen 4 heart events, Wizard has 4 hearts, sunny day, go to the Wizard Tower from 6 AM to 12 noon.
6 Heart Event 2: have seen 6 Heart Event 1, go to the Beach from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on a sunny day.
8 heart events: have seen 6 heart events 2, sunny day, 6 AM to 6 PM to go to the Mine.
10 Heart events: have seen 8 heart events, go directly to the house of OpenFire ~

 Hi! I am firecherno, this is my second NPC, a demon of my own name (but it
really has nothing to do with me). Thank you for downloading him!
The second NPC production still has a lot of obstacles.General dialogue + marriage dialogue altogether 211 sentences
(yes I'm lazy again), there are 6 events, plus 6 CGS. Extra patio and
maps this time! Although it was a terrible job.
I am poor at making up stories and shaping people (as well as drawing), but I hope you like demons!! T TTTT
I have no problem with the festival coordinates of open flame here, but I
do not rule out that conflicts with your own other homemade NPC may
cause some bugs. If this happens, please change it yourself! In
addition, it is recommended to play with the default view of the game.
Zooming in or out may affect the viewing experience of the event (?
Let me know if you find any bugs, and I'll try to fix them.
Thanks again, hope you like him ~